Visiting the historical Isa Khan's Palace and the Sonargaon Museum.

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Sonargaon Zamindar Bari aka Isa Khan's palace, also known as Sardar Bari is part of our history and culture. People not only visit this to enjoy the architectural beauty of the palace but also there are two folk and craft Musume and a selling point. That draws many tourists each year to Bangladesh.

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A little bit of history for the content.

Sonargaon was the old capital of Bangla during the medieval period. It was an outstanding definitive and business concentration in Bengal and residential buildings at Panam-Nagar and Sardar Bari at Isapur. It's located in Narayanganj, Bangladesh - just 30km from the capital - Dhaka and is one of the best tourist places for a day tour. The palace I'm sharing today was built in 1901.

Let me share my travel experience with some photos.

We enter the palace around 10.00 am. The weather was so nice, it made our adventure a hundred times better. We had to pay the entry fee, and the palace is right in front of our eyes.



The huge pond come to the fore. You will find a sitting place from where you can enjoy the view of the palace. What amazed me is the pond was full of fish.



The whole area was full of greenery. That makes the place's temperature lower than outside, you will feel it after entering the palace.



The architectural beauty of this palace is so mesmerizing, we couldn't move from the front for a while. There was so much to see!



I felt like I lost myself at the time, thinking about the life of the people who lived here.

Wait, there's more to see!

We move on and came in front of the museum. There are two museums, one is inside this palace and the other one is in a separate multi-stereo building. This museum requires a separate entry fee. The museum was full of folk art and craft. It's like a gallery showing our culture related to folk and craft.

The entrance of the museum. This building is so beautiful, hopefully, I would share more of this later in another post.


The gallery was full of folk art. You will get to see the process of making different crafts through the photos.


Also, there were a few clay-made robotic figures as should how the crafts were get done.

I couldn't take photos of them but they were pretty amazing. Then we move on to the other side of the museum where there were many real historical crafts, musical instruments, old toys, items of clothing, and whatnot!




There was a good amount of tourists that day because it was the weekend. It was quite hard to take photos. But I tried to take some in between.


Lastly, this handstitched map of Bangladesh mesmerized me the most. It's so beautifully done, and the detailed work looks so pretty.

The inside of the museum used to be someone's living place, I couldn't get the fact out of my head. The architectural beauty was so mesmerizing, I will surely visit the palace again.

This museum doesn't require much time to explore. We move on to other places in Sonargaon. I will share the rest of my adventure in another post shortly.

Have a good day, everyone.

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Nice shots

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The images that show us the Sardar Bari palace are very beautiful, it really is a very fascinating architectural beauty. The weather looks great and of course they have a lot to do with the vegetation of the place, that makes the temperatures lower than in other places, it keeps everything cooler. Thanks for sharing your experience. Greetings and blessings.

@rem-steem Beautiful architecture, and the colors of the exhibits are so vivid.

The place was mesmerising. Thanks for taking the time to go through my post :)