Have You Been Here To Beautiful Honduras?

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My wife is actually from Honduras. So, we've been there many times over the years. I want to tell you a little about that. Here is something I wrote on Wednesday, the 30th of May of 2018 on my Facebook. This was a quick update from three years ago.

My wife and I have been in Honduras since last month, in full time ministry. We are teaching Bible and English classes in public schools. We also do evangelism.

We are raising support for basic living expenses, and funds to help those in the community and schools with essential needs, and special projects.

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Hi there, please note this is a travel related community, we'd love to see your post if you want to share your travels around Honduras. However, if you're post is related to other topics, it would be more suited to those relevant communities. Thanks

You should remove that flag and educate. Positive reinforcement works better long term.

Thank You.

Thanks for your comment. If I wasn't educating, I wouldn't tell the poster about alternative communities and what type of content is suitable for the community. I would have just muted the post without giving any reason.

We get all sorts of non travel related content posted in our community, if they were not muted, what does that make our travel community look like? Communities are here because we have a specific purpose. We like to look in the long term as well, and we like to achieve our objectives.

How many are Repeat Offenders? My advice would be to give new users a warning for their first incorrect post and simply mute them for additional incorrect posts. On top of that, you could simply mute older accounts. Say, an account that is at least a week or older. Don't warn them even for their first incorrect article. But I would give a person who is new to Hive Blog some forgiveness, some grace. However, at the same time, this post didn't break the rules apart from it not having an automated pin via the Pinmapple as it does have a manual pin called words which says it is Honduras. Moreover, an automated pin could mean some kind of geo-tracking which may have violated the 4th amendment in the American constitution regarding privacy rights which big tech violates. So, forcing people to be tracked is almost as bad as letting the Chinese Social Credit Score dominate your soul. I am writing a post about this as we speak. I can talk all day about twenty or more related matters connected to all of these things and more, to be continued, thank you for reading, thank you for watching, I'm the one and only Oatmeal Joey Arnold of Oregon 1985.

The post did not really violate the rules of this group apart from abnormal interpretation of the rules via reading between the lines to create a specific paradigm. Also, requiring geo-tracking via their app could be against the 4th amendment of America's constitution relating to privacy. And the list goes on on and on, I can talk all day about these things. And I'm writing a post about it right now.