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RE: Throwback Thursday - Going Down The Memory Lane In Colorado Springs Picking The First Five Pics Stored In 2010/11

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Aww sorry about Molly; I've lost a lot of friends too over the years too. I still have photos of them I love to look at, and the memories come flooding back.

I lived out of a hotel in Vegas for three weeks right after 9/11 with a buddy on a multimonth road trip. With a $20 day budget and plenty of free time, I know what you mean, lol


I heard road trip....😩 I wanna go on a life long road trip. Maybe I am lol, just stuck for a while. Anyways we had rented a house a little further from the strip and walked to get groceries and stuff. Was the first time I felt like a weirdo doing that lol.

It was pretty epic - we lived out of the Imperial Palace for like $20 / night...ate ribeye sandwiches for $5 every night for food. Everything was so cheap after 9/11. I got tours of the old strip from random folks for a few bucks, saw some crazy stuff all over. Quite the town and experience, for sure

Went there for a wedding. Classic style like in the movies lol. Great weeks we had...ohhh memories lol