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RE: 🥦Mizuo's Travel Blog🥦No.24 - Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain, Aug. 2022

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Barcelona was one of my favorite travel destinations! Beautiful architecture, pedestrian-friendly streets and delicious tapas.

I don’t recall La Sagrada being that expensive. However, the indoor architecture was mind-blowing. It’s eye-boggling and impressive. I’m not sure if it’s worth that admission fee but I was blown away by the interior.

Glad you had a great time! Would love to go to Spain again soon.


I had a wonderful time in Barcelona too! It has become one of my favorite cities in Europe after my visit there! Well, and about le Sagrada, maybe, I should earn more money so that I don't feel so expensive to enter the facility. Oh, I missed seeing the inside ahaha! Maybe I should have decided to enter then! 😉


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