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RE: Haymarket Area and Darling Square , Sydney , Australia.

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What a wonderful walk thanks for sharing us both the current look of the area but some of the history as well

I think I walked through there about 20 odd years ago so it brought back memories

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :)


Thank you @tattoodjay the city of Sydney has really changed and is still changing day by day for the better you probably would be lost there now after been away for 20 years 😁

Ohh yeah I am sure, its the same everywhere I know if I ever made it back to NZ and my home city I would be lost with allt he changes

Very true been living in Byron Bay for last 5 years and every time i go back to Sydney to visit my mum i get lost all over again.

Ohh yeah I used to go to my home town every couple of years and always noticed big changes

It's expected the world doesn't stand still for us technology moves to fast these days.

Ohh yeah technologies advance will never slow down

Very true and we try our best to keep up which is not easy 🤔

Ohh yeah not easy at all