Summer on the North Beach: Tundra, Art Objects and One Proud Waterfall

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Traveling through the summer tundra is in itself a pleasant pastime. Despite the fact that there are almost no trees here, and the glades are not covered with a blanket of flowers, you still can't take your eyes off the sea of all shades of green stretching to the horizon. Low hills imitate waves, making the landscape diverse, and the wind, without encountering obstacles in its path, sings the song of freedom.


Today we are not just idly riding in the north, but going to one of the most popular waterfalls in the district, next to the most popular fishing village. Rather, the village is no longer so much a fishing village as a tourist one, thanks to its role as a decoration in the film-the winners of the Cannes Festival. After 8 years, this fame is fading a little, but at first there was enough wow effect to attract crowds of tourists and artists to these places. It is thanks to this that we can drive along a new smooth ribbon of road and easily reach our destination.


Already at the entrance to Teriberka you notice that this is an unusual place for the far north. Any signpost here attracts attention by itself, there are not so many of them, and this one also bears traces of pilgrimage.


A little further along the road is the most famous art exhibit. No one knows who and when installed the mannequin in the middle of the tundra with a view of the sea, it just appeared here at some point, and tourists have a tradition of leaving some part of their clothes on it and bring gifts.



I’ve heard that more and more visitors do not understand this tradition very well and begin to throw empty cigarette packs, candy wrappers and other garbage at his feet, but kind people try to keep order. I think nowhere else in the world will you find such a contrast - a strange mannequin buried under a pile of clothes and some things in such an abandoned place.

Next door is his carriage, attracting the attention of no less than the owner. Every year it is repainted in a different color, as far as I know now it is bright red. Inside the salon, a faithful lady is waiting for her guard to go on a long journey, maybe.



After the art festival in 2016, you can find traces of creativity everywhere. It may seem like vandalism to someone, but in fact it added color to the lost place that the village used to be. One of dozens of abandoned villages, with a population of several dozen people, has received a second life.




And believe me, it's only good for her. For example, you can look at a similar place where tourists do not get to, just 37 km away: Abandoned North. Part #2: Extinct Village and Biological Institute.

In any case, today we will admire nature. Therefore, we pass the celebrity village by and move towards the lake with a funny name - Battery. It got its name because of the coastal defense artillery battery located here, which actively repulsed German ships during the Second World War.


Now this lake is a great place for picnics in summer. Surrounded by lush green hills, under a low northern sky, it is a very calm and harmonious place, despite its military past.

But its main feature is a stream going towards the sea, turning into a playful and noisy waterfall. Our region is not rich in waterfalls, it is in neighboring Norway that you can admire the fjords, from which streams of water fall from a height of many meters. Our coast is almost flat, so we really love this small but proud guy.





It's funny, but if the theory of a flat earth were true, then this place perfectly illustrates the edge of the world from which water falls into the boundless ocean, and then flows into the infinity of space. Indeed, further north there are only small islands of land and the eternal ice of the Arctic. We are standing on the edge of the mainland.



In summer, these places are beautiful, in fact, just like in winter. But at this time of year, your eyes will not freeze while you admire the lazy North sea. It is never really hot here, the north wind swallows any heat coming from the mainland.








Therefore, the climate sets a certain mood, more contemplative and soothing than energetic. However, this does not stop outdoor enthusiasts from conquering the local waves.




I would like to imagine that this coast has hardly changed its original appearance since ancient times, even despite the presence of people. After all, this is not a beach location, which is overgrown with service buildings, comfortable areas with sun beds and the coastline is transformed by the action of millons of legs from year to year.












You can enjoy such diverse landscapes in one place. Walk on the sand beyond the Arctic Circle. Look at dragon eggs- stones smoothed over millennia under the influence of strong wind and sea spray.




Or climb a little higher and look towards another "sea", so distinctive, but at the same time similar. On the shore of which, people imbued with local beauties leave their mark in the form of small seids. Having no sacred message, it's like a local tradition of throwing a coin into the fountain, in the hope of fulfilling a cherished wish or returning to these shores soon.




Remote area with ideal weather in summer months by what I read here, this sounds a super adventure able to walk taking the views in.

Green between the rocky formation or blue of the sea, stunning sights with tiny towns an ideal getaway to enjoy, thanks for sharing!

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I'm very glad that you enjoyed this virtual tour. Maybe someday you will find yourself in these places, who knows. You will know where to go ;)

Managed train journey Ostersund (SE) to Trondheim (NO) - Eurail 1978, part of the route, loved the remoteness of region, wish we had been able to travel again.

When writing about the travel I did notice many railways lines were no longer in use or possibly not mentioned being remote. Travel Diary 1978 - Part 3 - Germany - Denmark - Sweden - Norway

Now I enjoy remote Northern Hemisphere places through the lens of others.

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What a beautiful journey you take us on today @thenortherner 😁
The greens in the scenery are very diverse and don’t make it boring.
The installation of the mannequin is funny, just one person has to put it up, some passerby’s add something and it becomes alive for a long time. 😊

I like the added StreetArt and other art on the walls. Even though the happening is long gone now.

The waterfall is just stunning, it makes me wish to visit it. Wander around and take it all in. The beautiful scenery.
Love the unspoiled coast line, hope it remains like that for generations to come. Just be one with nature.
Thank you so much for sharing! Have a wonderful day today 👋🏻😎

Thank you very much for staying with me in this place reading the post! 🤗
As far as I know, new art objects are added there almost every year, I will go there again in a month, maybe I will be able to see something new. I wouldn't be surprised if this mannequin is already impossible to see under tons of clothes.

You are welcome @thenortherner 😊 I enjoy reading your posts and seeing such wonderful photographs of your end of the world.
That would be cool indeed to check it out and see what changed. Especially the mannequin.
Looking forward to seeing your findings 😁😎
Have an amazing midweek today ☀️

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I've always felt the call of the north. I take it that this isn't Alaska?

Are you probably a fan of Jack London? Not quite Alaska, the far north of Russia 😉

Aaahhh... Another country on my bucket list. When I was leaving Germany in late 2017, early 2018, I had planned to take the long way home by train to St. Petersburg, Moscow, and then to Vladivostok and across the Bering Strait then the Pacific coast while moving through the southwest then up the Atlantic coast.

My Russian classmates told me that wasn't possible, that I would have to go through China instead (no ship from Vladivostok to Alaska in the winter or otherwise and I did not want to fly through the Arctic). So I took the regular Atlantic flight. It would have been a grand trip and taken at least a month. Travel is good for the soul! :)

Wow, it was an idea on a grand scale, it's a pity that you didn't fulfill it.
You have interesting connections, the profile states the USA... you left Germany... russian classmates. Who are you?! 😅

I was an American exchange student in Germany and lived there for five months. There were international students from all over the world in my German class.

What a fantastic collection of eclectic artworks along the way and those views of the coastline, so many facets to one place. We have a very similar kind of tourist art attraction installation efforts pop up here in South Africa every now and again, I personally like them but I know many others frown on them.

Thanks for sharing, I love the views.

Thanks for watching! 🙏
I would be very interested to see similar art objects in Africa! I think it's something authentic.
Some here also do not welcome such expositions, allegedly they spoil the natural beauty. Well, what can I say, it's more beautiful than just rotting houses on the shore.