Flemington Racecourse and Melbourne Cup Day

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Melbourne Carnival Cup day is one of the biggest showcase events in Australia annually. I was lucky enough to be able to work there in the hospitality area during the event and captured some photos. The racecourse is so massive that it's impossible to see everything that happens, but I hope these photos give you a glimpse into the carnival atmosphere and months of planning and work setting up for the prestigious event.

Flemington Racecourse

The Flemington Racecourse is the main track of the Victoria Racing Club- (VRC), and is located in the suburb of Flemington, just northwest of Melbourne's Central Business District. Victoria. It's one of the oldest and most prestigious clubs in the country. The Racecourse has a capacity of over 120,000 people and features a 3200m long racetrack - one of the longest in the world. Src

Every year, VRC hosts to some of the biggest races in Australia, including the Melbourne Cup which consists of four days of racing: Derby Day, Cup Day, Oaks Day and Stakes Day. Each day has its own special race, with the Cup Day being the most prestigious. These days are important not only to the horse racing industry, but also to the general public, as they provide a chance to see some of the world’s best horses in action.

During Melbourne Carnival Days, thousands of staff are hired, mainly casual staff from agencies. This is to ensure that the event runs smoothly and that there are enough staff to accommodate the influx of people who come to the city for the event. I'm one of those hardworking casual hehe.





Take some pictures before the crowd hasn't arrived yet

Melbourne Cup Day

The Melbourne Cup Carnival is one of the most anticipated events on the Australian social calendar, and known as the world's richest horse races. Held on the first Tuesday in November, it is a public holiday in the state of Victoria and attracts visitors from all over the country and overseas. The carnival offers more than just horse racing. Fashion show, premium dining service as well as the finest entertainment are available to attendees. The event is a true spectacle and is not to be missed. Whether you are attending for the horse racing or just to enjoy the atmosphere, you are sure to have a fantastic time at the Melbourne Cup Carnival.



There are many different types of establishments open during the Melbourne Cup Day. From retail food and drink vendors on site to premium restaurants, this allows people to choose where they want to spend their time based on their budget and preferences. Some people may want to be in a more upscale setting while others may want to be in a more relaxed atmosphere.










The race is also known for its fashion and many women (and men) spend months planning their outfit for the big day. It's not uncommon to spot a few celebrities and famous international guests at the Melbourne Cup, adding to the event's already electric atmosphere.





This year, the carnivals in Melbourne were not so fortunate with the weather. The first few days were quite wet and cold, but but that didn't stop attendees from coming out to enjoy the festivities. Each day, the carnivals were filled with people enjoying the rides, games and food (I'm told that 1 in 2 Australian has bet these days from $1 to $100 or how much they have 😃). By the end of the week, the weather had cleared up and everyone was able to enjoy the sunny time.


Cup day is one of the busiest days of the year at the Flemington Racecourse, with over 100,000 people expected to attend. Driving to the event is not advised, as there will be significant traffic congestion and limited parking. Public transport is the best option for getting to the Flemington Racecourse on cup day. They also organize special train running directly from city (Flinder Street Station) to the Flemington Racecourse Station.





I visited the site for a few hours during the setup day and this is a pretty set up from The Sydney Crown Team. A chef and some staff were sent to Melbourne in 10 days for the Carnival Cup event. They told me that they had a lot of fun and enjoyed the event. I asked to take some pictures of the place and they didn't mind at all. 🙂

The Carnival Cup just finished and it was an incredible event. It brought people together from all walks of life and create a sense of community. From the start of the races to the end, it was a day/ a week full of excitement, and the atmosphere was electric and everyone was enjoying themselves. The races were exciting, the fashion was on point, well, I'm glad I was there to work, celebrate Australian culture, and watch everything firsthand.



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How are you dear friend @trangbaby good day
How beautiful that you were able to attend this event, the photos you share do not reveal the importance of the social, cultural and sports event
Thank you for sharing this experience and the beautiful images.
Have a beautiful day

Thanks so much for your kind words dear @jlufer

What a beautiful day with great weather sis! I love outdoor activities there😍

Thank you be 😍 giải đua ngựa melbourne cup rất nổi tiếng luôn, nên ngày này mọi người háo hức đi xem đua như đi trẩy hội hehe

vaya es un lugar gigante además de muy bonito, cientos de personas al aire libre disfrutando el dia se ve espectacular =D