More Spectacular Views To See Around Queenstown, New Zealand (Pt2- 26 Photos)

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My previous post , I shared my experiences about New Zealand's most scenic region and coolest attractions to see in Queenstown, Otago for free. Today, I would guide you to more breathtaking places in Queenstown with lake and river views.

Bobs Cove

Bob's Cove is on the Glenorchy road just out of Queenstown. It's a very peaceful & the stunning scenery as well as an excellent escape from the super busy ueenstownon on summer. The cove has a crystal clear turquoise water and great for swimming, relaxing by the Lake.

The 20-minute easy walk gets you to this little hidden treasure. Definitely a great way to spend a couple of hours, highly recommend.







Lake Alta

Only 15 mins from Queenstown to Remarkables car park then follow the signs to the spectacular outlook over Lake Wakatipu with Queenstown in the distance.The track is well marked and easy to follow.

It takes about 1.5hrs round trip from the Remarkables Ski Area carpark. It was steep scramble up to the saddle to the south of the lake but a great treat when I reached to see the Lord location as well as the beautiful gracial lake and lots of views. What a breathtaking view!

It's a gem amongst gems.







Some viewpoints to check out on the way



Old Lower Shotover Bridge

Tucker Beach Road
Located 10 km away from Queenstown, (off highway 6), the Old Lower Shotover Bridge was built in 1871 and offers foot traffic eye-catching 360 panoramic views of the Shotover River.

The original bridge was washed away in 1878 by flooding but rebuilt by the Public Works Department and re-opened in 1915. The bridge is172 metres long and stands 16 metres from bridge to the river below.

Foot traffic can enjoy panoramic views of Shotover River and surround mountains











It was so beautiful with Lupin bloom along side of the river

Arthurs Point

Arthurs Point is a suburb of Queenstown and just a short 7-minute drive away. It's awsome and quiet being out of the town center. Pretty close to shotover jet and other activities although




Transport: it's more convenient to have a car to discover around this spectacular area so definitely would recommend hiring a car

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Have a wonderful weekend & Thanks for seeing my post ❤️


Beautiful Photos!
Have a Great Friday!

Thank you @lesmann for coming by 🙂
Have a wonderful weekend :))

And You Have An Awesome Weekend As Well!

This is a complete report !! @tipu curate

Thank you @marc-allaria. Highly appreciated it 💖

I would kill for this views. Really Beautiful pictures. You really must have had an amazing time. !tip 0.5

I'm so grateful @starstrings01, very nice of you.
I lived here 3 months and did have amazing time, best in my life 🙂

Nice to hear that 🙂

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Thank you @phortun very much, I'm glad that you like this post 😜
Much appreciated ❤️ and have a great week

All the photos bring me enormous joy. Be Bobs Cove or Lake Alta, they seem like peaceful places where you can re-connect with yourself.

Thanks for sharing, @trangbaby!!!

Hey @gabmr thanks for such a nice comment and reblog my post. Highly appreciated it.
I'm happy that My photos bring you joy 😊

Welcome, lady. I am happy you share your photos with us!

Good photos, congratulations!!!

Hey, thanks for coming by 😊 and hopee you enjoyed my photos :))

Again you present more beautiful parts and photos of NZ am loving seeing this lovely country sis 😊

Thank you very musch sis. NZ is amazing and always in my heart. I hope you will visit this beautiful country soon in the future 🙂
I think I'm posting more NZ than VN..hihiii. But I will post more about VN soon :))

I do have NZ on my bucket list and hopefully i will get there in the near future your awesome photos are inspiring me more 😊

I’ve never been to New Zealand, but just by browsing through your published stories, it’s already like being present in this part of the world. Thanks a lot for the comprehensive travel experience!

Salamat @storiesoferne, you always give me a nice comment. I'm glad you like my post. 💖
I met many Filipinos in NZ and I hope you will visit this beautiful country in the future.

My pleasure always @trangbaby! I’m looking forward to visiting NZ in the future. Cảm ơn bạn! 😊

Heheeheee... You can write some Vietnamese words, excellent 😍

Cái vườn hoa tím kia em nhớ ko nhầm ở VN cũng có ý chị . :))

Hoa Lupin nè cưng, nếu có ở VN thì tuyệt quá, c rất thích hoa này.

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Good post. Wonderful photos, with just enough informative commentary to describe your experience. Keep it up!

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Another beautiful presentation of amazing landscapes NZ really has a lot of stunning nature and you have some amazing photos to show of this country well done 👍

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