Thanks for dropping by @travelingcocoon.

Your Everest camp trek looks very interesting, you should consider posting it directly from the haveyoubeenhere community for the maximum support and exposure. We're the most active and popular travel community on Hive, so don't short change yourself!!!

Thanks for the suggestion, I really appreciate. Can I post the said post again tagging haveyoubeenhere community? I consider that might be duplicity on blockchain. Could u plz throw some light here

No!! Never re post content on Hive as that is considered spamming and milking the platform!!!

You can add the pinmapple code to your post before it's due for payout as it's nice to have all your travels on the Pinmapple map. Plus we at Pinmapple can't curate a post if it's not on the map, regardless of how good it is.

If you're curated by Pinmapple, in addition to support from Blocktrades and theycallmedan, you may also get support from OCD. So you could potentially get support from three of the largest account on Hive, if you post directly from the haveyoubeenhere community. You can check out the quality of posts we normally curate, and the support they get in return, to give you some idea on the level we're looking for.

My little tip, if I may, would be to lengthen your posts a little bit, that plus your content and travel experience will help to take it to the next level. Hope it helps. If you need any further information, do please let me know as we're here to support the travel community on Hive.

Trust me this is really helpful. Thank you for the insight and taking out time to convey. I have some more queries, plz help me out if there is anyway to connect with you. I am not so sure about connecting on Discord.

Do you use There's a chat function there? If not, I'm on Telegram.

We can connect on telegram plz

Here's my contact on TG, see if you can find me. What's yours?


Sorry, I cudnt find you. My username is travelingcocoon_kanika. Could you plz try once. My display picture has prayer flags