Brasil South Coast Trip - Stop 2: Quatro Ilhas Beach

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Hi friends, how are you today?!

This is my second stop on this trip to Brasil South Coast. If you missed the Stop 1 at Balneário Camboriú I invite you to
see it at this link: @vaipraonde/bus-trip-to-brasil-south-coast-stop-1-balneario-camboriu-or.

This beach is named Four Islands cause you can see four islands from Arvoredo Archipelago on the horizon. Buckle up and let's roll.

Quatro Ilhas Beach

Welcome to Quatro Ilhas!

Arriving at Quatro Ilhas beach at night after a drive from Balneário Camboriú to Bombinhas. It was a pleasant night and besides the winter is coming, was a fresh night. I was expecting much colder weather.

Quatro Ilhas beach is going to be my base around here in Bombinhas. Stay here for a while because it is near some other beaches and locations I want to visit and revisit.

Sleep early so we can enjoy the day, hopefully, we will get a great day. The sky is clear and the forecast is good.

Started the morning very early, prepared a large cup of coffee and went to the beach for a walk, and waited for the sunrise. I was told that the sunrise here at Quatro Ilhas beach is amazing, the sun appears in the very middle of the beach and sometimes makes a colorful sky.


Moon and Stars

Few people told me that the sunrise here in Quatro Ilhas is an amazing show. So, I decided to start my day early in the morning, preparing a great coffee and going for a walk on the beach.

When I went out already was gifted with a Moon and Stars aligned view on the front of the hotel. The moon was incredibly beautiful and the starts bright was also incredible. Away from my hometown's air pollution, I was not used to seeing as many stars as I was able to see here.

Then I walked to the beach with my large cup of expresso and searched for a nice place for sunrise.

I found myself in a great place, the coast guard hose, and made myself comfortable, hiding from the wind and fog while drinking my coffee.

Started a time-lapse while waiting, and the final result was amazing, but I want to capture another one, this time, the wind could drop my camera, and next time I'll be more prepared for the wind.

Waiting for the sunrise is amazing, that quiet atmosphere, the birds, crickets, and ocean waves getting strong with the tide rising. The sky changes colors creating an orange almost purple or pink colorful sky.


Almost sunrise time, so I decided to change position to capture it right in front of me.

The sunrise started and I could capture several pictures, was very hard to choose the best shots. I select a few favorites to share with you all.

It was cloudy but the show is amazing anyway.

As the moon was still up in the sky, I used the panorama to capture both and made some photo editions to give you the atmosphere I was experiencing during that sunrise. Was amazing seeing the Moon and Sun sharing that morning.

Totally worth getting up and facing the cold morning weather.

After that, I went back to have a full breakfast and come back later to enjoy the beach with sunny weather.

The base

This is going to be our house for a while, a very nice inn a few meters from the beach. Maybe I can call it home soon.

One of my new office views. At least when it's not cold or super hot. Good to work in the early morning.

A little about our base, a very nice inn a few meters from the beach. Sleeping with the sound of the ocean waves was an amazing experience that I had been missing for a while.

With just a few steps it is possible to reach the beach, which has an outdoor gym, children's play area, and a beach observation deck.

Access to the beach is via well-maintained wooden decks.

The internet here is very good, we were surprised again, but sometimes it can fluctuate, but nothing that gets in the way of movies, music or work.

Passion fruit and Lemon tree in the garden. Great combo for my Caipirinhas drink.

The Beach

With a few steps from the Hotel was possible to reach the beach, which has an outdoor gym, children's play area, and a beach observation deck.

Access to the beach is via well-maintained wooden decks.

Back to Quatro Ilhas beach after breakfast and now with the sun high in the sky and temperature rising... 23°C and no more wind.

This was my first visit and I was already delighted. The beach is very extensive and has several deserted parts to the right side.

Very beautiful beach the way I like, surrounded by green, trees, birds singing, stones and all that nature.

The left side of the beach is more populated, with more houses, bars, restaurants, a camping area, and where the fishermen's boats are located.

Both sides of the beach are beautiful, with hills, rocks, and nature, just the way I like the beach. Several accesses take you to the beach, but few kiosks along with it. Even so, it will be possible to find good places to eat or snack.

The diving was great, I expected a colder sea as we were entering the winter and being in the south of the country, but for some reason, it was not as cold as other beaches that I have visited. It could be some current that doesn't pass through here.

The sea had good waves but was very calm. 3 fire stations and lifeguards along the beach. Due to mullet fishing, surfing and other water sports are prohibited during this session so as not to interfere with fishing.

Tainha fishing here is very famous and done in a sustainable and artisanal way, where practically everyone in the city participates and helps each other with fishing.


Quatro Ilhas beach is not the best spot to watch the sunset. The moment here is sunrise. As there is a hill to the west of the beach, it starts to get dark a little earlier.

But that doesn't stop you from registering great moments of the golden hour. I tried to capture some good images during this special moment.

The tip was to go to Pedra, for a 30-minute trail and watch the sunset from up there. But that trip will be for the next post.

In the evening

There's not much to do at night on four islands. You can find some bars in the area but in general, the nightlife is on nearby beaches.

Grab a deck of cards, beer, wine, or your favorite beverage to enjoy the moment playing and chatting with friends. Some prefer to watch TV, but I skip that part.

For now, the night was about making new friends and drinking good wine, and good sleep for an early walk the next day. The nights are freezing here.

Long Exposure captured on Quatro Ilhas Beach

This was only the first day, as in going to spend more time around here, we will have more pictures and stories.

Any questions please let me know.

I hope you enjoyed it.
See you soon.

In case you missed this trip Part 1 post: Visiting Balneário Camboriú, check it out here:

Thanks for reading.

Leave a comment that I'll be glad to reply to.

Portuguese version

Viagem para Litoral Sul do Brasil - Parada 2: Quatro Ilhas

Este é a segunda parte desta tip para o litoral Sul do Brasil. Se você perdeu a primeira parade em Balneário Camboriú e, convido para ver aqui neste link: @vaipraonde/bus-trip-to-brasil-south-coast-stop-1-balneario-camboriu-or.

Esta sera minha base aqui em Bombinhas. Ficar aqui por um tempo porque é proximo a outras praias e locais que quero visitar e revisitar. Bem vindo a Quatro ilhas. Esta praia tem esse nome porque da para ver 4 ilhas ao horizonte. Antigamente era chamada de Praia de Fora. Apertem os cintos e valor rodar.

Chegando na praia de Quatro Ilhas à noite depois de uma viagem de Balneário Camboriú a Bombinhas. Foi uma noite agradável e apesar do inverno estar chegando, foi uma noite fresca. Esperava um clima bem mais gelado.

Durma cedo para podermos aproveitar o dia, espero que tenhamos um ótimo dia. O céu está limpo e a previsão é boa.

Nascer do Sol

Começei a manhã bem cedo, preparando um grande café e fui passear na praia, esperando o nascer do sol. Me disseram que o nascer do sol aqui na praia de Quatro Ilhas é incrível, o sol aparece bem no meio da praia e muitas vezes faz um céu colorido lindíssimo.

A base

Um pouco sobre nossa base, uma pousada bem legal a poucos metros da praia. Dormir com o som das ondas do mar foi uma experiência incrível que estava sentindo falta fazia um tempo.

Com poucos passos e possível chegar na praia, onde possui uma academia ao ar livre, brinquedo para crianças e um deck de observação da praia.

Os acessos para praia sao feitos por decks de madeira bem conservados.

A internet por aqui é muito boa, fomos surpreendidos novamente, porem algumas vezes pode oscilar, mas nada que atrapalhe os filmes, músicas ou trabalho.

A praia

A praia de Quatro ilhas é muito linda. Essa foi minha primeira visita e já fiquei encantado. Bem extensa e varias partes desertas para o lado direito.

Com poucos passos foi possível chegar na praia, onde possui uma academia ao ar livre, brinquedo para crianças e um deck de observação da praia.

Os acessos para praia sao feitos por decks de madeira bem conservados.

O lado esquerdo da praia é mais populado, com mais casas, bares, restaurantes, area de camping e onde ficam os barcos dos pescadores.

Os dois lados da praia são lindos, com morros, pedras e natureza, do jeito que gosto de praia. Diversos acessos te levam a praia, mas poucos quiosques ao longo dela. Mesmo assim será possível encontrar bons lugares para comer ou petiscar.

O mergulho foi ótimo, esperava um mar mais gelado por estarmos entrando no inverno e estar no Sul do Pais, mas por algum motivo não estava tão gelado quanto outras praias que ja visite. Pode ser alguma corrente que não passa por aqui.

O mar estava com boas ondas mas bem calmo. 3 postos do corpo de bombeiros e salva vidas ao longo da praia. Devido a pesca da Tainha, a pratica de surf e outros esportes aquáticos estão proibidos durante essa sessão para não atrapalhar a Pesca.

A pesca da Tainha aqui é muito famosa e feito de uma forma sustentável e artesanal, onde praticamente todos da cidade participa e se ajudam com a pesca.

Por do Sol

A praia de Quatro ilhas não ótimo local para assistir o por do sol. O momento aqui é o nascer do sol. Como existe uma colina ao oeste da praia, ela come;a a ficar escura um pouco mais cedo.

MAs isso não impede de registrar ótimos momentos da golden hour. Procurei capturar algumas boas imagens durante este momento especial.

A dica foi de ir ate a Pedra, por uma trilha de 30 minutos e assistir o por do sol lá de cima. Mas essa trip ficará para um proximo post.

A noite

Não tem muito o que fazer de noite em quatro ilhas. Você consegue achar alguns bares na região mas em geral, a vida noturna fica em praias próximas.

Pegue um deck de cartas, cerveja, vinho ou sua bebida favorita para aproveitar o momento jogando e conversando com os amigos. Alguns preferem ver TV, mas eu pulo essa parte.

Por enquanto, a noite foi fazer novos amigos e beber um bom vinho. Logo depois, dormir para passear cedo no proximo dia. As noites estão geladas por aqui.

Este foi apenas o primeiro dia, pois ao passar mais tempo por aqui, teremos mais fotos e histórias.

Qualquer pergunta por favor me avise.

Espero que tenham gostado.
Nos vemos em breve.

Obrigado por ler.

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