Relaxed Hotel Trip with Family in Taiwan

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There are times when I like to go for a short relaxed trip to a near by hotel for a night to kind of get a reboot with my family after repeated daily routines. Its good to break that usuals... stay at home and watch TV/iPad all day all night. Although I do enjoy it I think sometimes I like to randomly go somewhere.

Staying in hotels is usually for trips that are far away from home. And most of the time we are occupied with either by work or vacation destination. So the hotel becomes just a place to rest and go on out during the day. A lot of my business trips when I was in China where I had to fly, many times there were nice hotels however due to focus on work I missed some of the beauty and food items the hotel had to offer.

Since we have a 6 month old baby we could not really look into going to far away like we usually do, so my wife and I arranged something fresh for the kids and a little mental break from home.

There is an outlet mall in Taiwan where its layout is similar to America and they have a Hotel and aquarium for kids. Hotel, Shopping, and Aquarium. OK good enough, we are going there!

The Official website for Cozzi Hotel
Location : Taoyuan, Taiwan
Name : Cozzi Blu Hotel

The Hotel

Main lobby entrance of hotel... pretty blinged out.

Gallery deco next to the reception desk. I do like the layout of the colors of yellow and grey.

Reminds me of a glass artist from Seattle Washington named Dale Chihuly. But this was not his work. :)

Our room is on the 5th floor~ Lets check it out.

The hall way for our room... check it out, they even have a workout room and a laundry room.

When we get off the elevator this is what we see. I like the décor and interior design... its not the typical Asia style hotel. They have a lot of various themes as you move from place to place.

The 5th floor!~~ Where our room is located. So dramatic interior~

What I didnt expect is the way how they bundled the outlet shoping mall, movie theater, aquarium, restaurants and hotal all together into one complex. Just by looking at the layout it seems they put convenience as a key feature and wanted people to stay at the hotel. Cause there is no way you can wnjoy everything in just one day.

I really liked what I saw... it was clean and theme was fresh~ blue whale. :)

The blue whale picture somehow makes me think of Ecency for some reason. Maybe because I have been on the hive community a lot recently. hehehe.

The bathroom was simple and clean as well. Maybe this hotel was build pretty recently?

The Outlet Mall

We head out to the outlet to get some walking done and check out what type of stores they had. The weather was nice that day so off to a good start.

I was strolling the stroller with my baby daughter so my wife can have some freedom time of her own and my son in front looking around and just walking around with people feel good.

Haven't done many if this ever since covid because we were more carefull due to the baby. Its good to be out and feeling a little bit normal again. We still had to use masks here in Taiwan as the law. But still its good enough.

They had these stops where you can take a photo. Great for kids and grown ups too. :)

Its amazing there is a line forming to get into the Coach store... wow is that still a thing?

Michael Kors as well? I am not really the type of waiting in line to check out a clothing brand. I dont have that kind of patience.

Interesting themed store where they sell tea leaves.

A toy store where they sell legit Marvel and Dragon Ball figures. I wish I can collect them all.

Man these paintings are so nicely done... using bold color and bold brush strokes.

A wall of so many characters and actors I really love... at first I thought these were t-shirts but no... I looked closely and they are individual paintings!!!

That is some really fancy vending machine for just a toy figure... talk about overkill. hehehe.

The sun is slowly going down and we start to see more lighting beginning to light up. I personally really like city night lights.

As the sun was going down the purple sky was really amazing. Its not very often you see something like this.

The streets of Taoyuan, Taiwan .

The entry way towards the hotel and restaurants when coming from the outlet shopping mall.

We are now heading towards the resturant because we were getting hungry. Wow look at that... I didn't notice it much during the day but at night it really is fantasy like. This is also the way to the aquarium so I get it. The road to aquarium. :)

Ahhh... getting more hungry! Time to choose!!!

STEAK SALAD!!!! Medium Cooked!!! Ultra Hungry at the time. When I am hungry, everything is good.

This was the end of our day... and man I was tired. Like... Done. I dont know but I didn't really think age will effect me however I take that back. Being mid 40's I am starting to feel that its not the same.... But!! Still!!! zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....

The Breakfast at 7AM

Entrance of where we eat our breakfast.

Breakfast place interior design again has changed and its very cozzi like the name of the hotel.

The other side of the resturant they themed it like camping!!! Ultra creative... Kids love this side.

Breakfast buffet~ Food was great.

Noodles with fresh veggies can't go wrong.... mmmm.

Ahhhh.. breakfast.... this is what I'm talking about. This is why we came here.... eat breakfast. A lot of breakfast~~~

This is what my wife really likes about staying at hotels... she likes to eat good breakfast and she wakes up early. She likes to be the first one opening up the fresh food on the breakfast buffet tray. OK I get it... so we woke up at 6:30 ish and went straight down to the breakfast place... almost no one was there, but it filled up pretty quick. I am glad we got to eat the food first hand and early... can't go wrong with that.

I hope you guys enjoyed my little around the town vacation travel blog with the family. Its not often we do this and this time I was prepared to take some photos to post it and show to our Hive community.

Thanks a bunch!!!~~
Set Da Tone!!


@whangster79 nice day tour up there, you shared a lot of interesting things which keeps me busy reading your blog, got so involved in it LOL pictures are amazing and attractive!!!
You are right, it feels awkward to wait in a line for something you are going to pay :P
breakfast looks yummy!! one of the best travelling blog 👍👍👍👍

Hi @rosecane ~
Thanks! I really appreciate that!! I am really happy that I can bring you some content to read. I try to see what different kind of story should I bring to my audience and come up with something different than the other. your comment really give me energy to do more. :) Thanks a lot!

@whangster79 please have it 👇️👇️👇️ Hive Energy Drink

ohhhhhh whhhhhhaaaaaat???!!! Hahahahahahaha man thank you so much man. did you really draw that? That is ultra awesome. i dont know how to say thanks..... hmmm maybe I will make one too??? hahahahahahaha. Thanks, just bu looking at it I get energy. :)

How come you decided to draw? :)

@whangster79 well, I used to draw cartoons and do some creative stuff in school time but this community encouraged me and provided me the opportunity to make some creative artwork once again. Definitely, we all have that creativity and you should give it a try as well :) Cheers!!!!!

It looks pretty cool there, almost like a boutique hotel. Boutique hotels are some of my favorites. Who is the guy on the couch? 🤔😉

Ahhhhh is that what its called bro? A boutique hotel????? ahhhhhhhhh you might be right!!!! I didn't know about it..... I learned something new today from you. :) Thanks!!
and that old man there is me...... yes... old and tired. lolz~~~~ :) But I think like a 25 year old!!!!

hehe bro, you look like you are doing fine, give it a few more years with kids and you will have plenty of grey hairs too!! welcome to the tired parents club!! !LOL !gif

Where do I sign up? VVVIP membership please~

😅 honary membership

Why should you never play poker in the jungle?
Too many cheetahs.

Credit: marshmellowman
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Man, all this stuff looks so unbelievably awesome! The hotel looks like it's perfect in every way. I can see on your face that it's been really good. And all these breakfast and food photos are making me so hungry. I hope you keep having so much fun with your family!

Hey bro~ Thanks man. This trip I was prepared to blog post it so I was taking photos of everything!! Problem is I am taking too much pictures and not enough hang out time with family.... Will need to find the balance~

hahah man, I can understand you because I experience the same thing a lot. Sometimes I go out with my family and I feel like I didn't spend enough time with them because I'm focused on taking pictures. Now I only take pictures when I see something worth taking. You'll get used to it in time.

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Dude, The Hotel Main lobby entrance is something enough to make anyone convince to stay or check it out "who can afford ".

Perfect lavish and in all aspects as far I can say after seeing those pictures and your experience.

Well, what do you think about a comparison of this hotel with other hotels in village/town but not lavish You lived?

That's something I would like to know from you.

Well, anyway have fun and wonderful day ahead!

Lots of !LUV and !PIZZA

I like your question ~ because usually when i travel i always liked to do it with a friend and try to save as much as possible. When we find hostels together it may not be very private, however you get to greet and talk to people in the hostel. There is another type of beauty in something like that. Its that people are friendly and helpful.

I think a lot of media influenced us to thinking strangers are not good and I realize how wrong i actually was.

This actually gave me some idea to post some village/budget hostel stay.

The nice places its for my wife and kids. I always try to give the best. As for myself, I can sleep on the floor i don't really mind. its more fun too. Its how I keep the balance. I cant afford to do this everytime~ hehehe

Thanks man!!!!

Wow, looks like an amazing trip, love the decorations at the hotel.

Trip was exhausting.. but it sure had a lot of themes and deco where ever we went. Thanks!~

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Yea~~~ it worked? it worked!~~~~ Thanks!

Nice saturday morning tourist trip through Taiwan , i must that first picture gives a very depressed feeling not realy inviting for a hotel .

The blue glass scuplture must be a hell of job to keep clean , but it looks great nice hotel .

thank you for showing , have a great weekend.

Damn you know~~~ since you say it, i know exactly what you are talking about. Monochromatic black with white flower accents can definitely signify more death like feeling. Yea I can see that too now that you say it.

This is why your a great photographer... you see things i didn't notice but when you say it.... it's cant be undone. :)

I always love you feedback~ its so honestly raw. :)

ha ha i can be direct with comments , not everyone can handle that , and sometimes i can be sarcastic and then people think i make a compliment , must be the poker face 🤣

My skin is ultra thick when it comes to knowing how to handle criticism and harsh design critique. and from my experience the ones who know to say it directly to your face are your friends... the ones who only say good things are your enemies.

so now we friends? :) Not sure how I am going to top your sarcasm but i will try. hehehe.

ha ha yeah we can be friends , just watching hive fest again on you tube , it could be more succesfull and entertaining if people had a proper media training before they are thrown infront of the lions .

hahahahahahahahahaha!!! Man thats pretty funny how you said that. Oh man~ I gotta hear your voice one day~ then my imagination of you speaking inside my head is complete. Yea I watched a bit and needed to go out. Will check in later but yea I know what your saying. heheheheh

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Being here is like spending some time in paradise everything just look super perfect.i wish I can also get the dragon ball figures too 😍

Thanks bro. Kind of like paradise yes... but I just wanted to eat. :) I hope you can make your dragon ball figures go to you. Find a way~~ :) Hope all is well.