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RE: Throwback Thursday - Going Down The Memory Lane In Colorado Springs Picking The First Five Pics Stored In 2010/11

Oh, I just loved this! You must have been reading my mind! The Creamery has the BEST ice cream. I will go there before anywhere else; unless that is Mt. Rushmore where they sell Thomas Jefferson's vanilla ice cream! The recipe he had for it is sold there and it is amazing.

We have not been to Stratton yet, but it is on the list. We fell in love with Cheyenne Mountain. Of course part of that is from the TV series Stargate. Haha!

Gold Camp Road is my favorite area to drive around in. So beautiful!!!!


Oh cool, have been on Gold Camp Road myself. Didn't know that Cheyenne mountain was part of a TV series.

I read your question and what I can recommend is Bear Creek Regional Park, there is a dog park in that area too, but since it is the Springs dogs aren't an issue period, at least in my days.

What I loved and hung out at every other day was Red Rock Canyon. I worked at Rudy's Country Store and BBQ and Red Rock is right next to it.

Manitou Springs you need to put on your list as well.

Seven Falls in North Cheyenne Park and the hiking trails around it are worth taking a look at too.

Since all of it was nearby the place where I lived I spend most of the time there.

Garden of the Gods, a classic, but yah the main attraction.

If you go to Stratton Open Space park at the East Trail, it is the first to the left when passing the Cheyenne Mountain Highschool on Cresta Rd, right across the Retreat at Cheyenne Mountain. From there you can walk straight up to the reservoir.


We have been to Bear Creek and love it there. We were going to go there this weekend. I LOVE RUDY'S! Only place here to get TEXAS BBQ!!!! Unfortunately we have not done Red Rock yet. Seven Falls is closed right now due to Covid, but they say it will be open soon. I adore Manitou! I have been trying to find a place to move to in that area, but there are so many floods!!!!

Rudy's was great back then. Even as a vegetarian I enjoyed working there lol. It was perfect. Did the breakfast shift there and was done every day by 10am. Then I had the whole day to chill out and have some fun.

I worked out at Pikes Peak Combat Sports, but I'm not sure if it still exists. My trainers moved to Florida shortly after I left.

A waterfall closed to Covid, how crazy is that. Think of me when walking around wherever, I miss it. But I'm happy for you guys. :)

I definitely will. You have been on my mind since I learned you had lived here. I will be making sure you get lots of photos!

I work at Cave of the Winds. Love it, love the twisty drive up the mountain!

Ohhhhhhh how cool is that. What are you doing there? Can't wait to see some more pics even though it always bring some wanderlust.