1st edition - Day 7 : your 5 favourite songs

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Hello everyone ,

Today blogging challenge is about 5 of my favorite song. To be honest i dont really have my own favorite song . I listen to everything , and i don't have specific song to be listed as my favorite . This make me think again , that this is blogging challenge and i have accept it since i start write in my previous post.

Its take me days to think what i is my favourite song. The challenge look easy until we take a moment and think over it . As i put my effort to think , there is something that blinking from the end of my mind. Something that make me recall all the memory in my mind from my childhood. Things that make who i am today, that mold my childhood , and bonding to my friend.

That spark start show all the memory , the good and sad all comes into my eyes. Then i realize that music is part of my life. It give me a lot of memory growing up. This is some music that really impact myself.

My first fav song is ONE by metallica

This song remind me the reason my fav instrument is drum . I love their drummer ulrich . This is the reason i growing up and become a drummer for church until i was in university .


My second fav song is Smell like teen spirit by nirvana . This song is introduce by my roommate when im in high school. He is nirvana die hard fan . I ll listen this song every single day and end up become one of my fav. I still remember we ll do the headbanging together every single day .

My third one is I need a doctor by Dr. Dre ft. Eminem & Skylar Grey . I know eminem when i was in university . This song give me strength to keep alive when facing life problem , stress with study , lack of financial , etc .

My forth fav song is hello vietnam . I realize that i love this song because this song when i start to travel . I been in vietnam several times. But last time i been there , i cross vietnam from ho chi minh to hanoi 1 month using train.

My last fav song is the song of rain . It just a simply sound of rain , sound of nature that make me calm down and escape from the real world. For me , this is the best song in my life.

I hope you enjoy those collection of my fav song , and i wish you also find the song that u love that give impact and reason to alive.
See you in next blogging challenge.