Failure and frustration

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This gonna be alright .
This gonna be ok,
This gonna be fine,
This gonna be fix,

Frustration is the feeling of being upset or annoyed as a result of being unable to change or achieve something.

We have been there , some still undergo those feeling , many upset and give up because we fail facing those situation. Some fall , and never standing again because for them it is easy face it once than fail at the second time.

Failure might cost everything . When we put everything we have and fail , it kill our courage bit by bit until we say enough is enough .


For everyone who still struggle on their daily , financially , health , relationship , and what ever you face now , THIS IS MY MESSAGE :



You not alone . We might face different failure , but we fighting the same fight to win over the failure. Failure cost us something , so do success . If failure cost us everything , we give everything to find our way to success . We might lose now, but we still have lifetime to fight. I believe that failure is another node or way to success.

Its hurt and sad to fail , but it make us to live as person . Failure is a great teacher. It ll show us which friend and family to be trust , it also show us the great lesson in life to keep success in future.

If you still fighting , you are with me. I dont have anything to give , only a little piece of encouragement . Go for it , take a leap of trust and i pray God will open another door of opportunity for you and me . So , one day if we succeed , we can encourage other to fight their own failure.


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