Stick Up Music Friends Content Highlight Of The Week: @Biggmusic's Movie Review "Corsage"

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Stick Up Music Friends Content Highlight Of The Week: @Biggmusic's Movie Review "Corsage"

Sometimes we onboard people who at some point stop publishing on Hive due to several reasons. @biggmusic is one of these real life friends who we onboarded and has stopped posting on Hive early 2022. Thankfully she now has a new computer and starts her journey again. We are more than happy to support her on this journey and teach her everything she needs to know about the Hive platform and community.

Of course it helps if we can direct a few of our friends her way, because sometimes likeminded people don't meet by accident but by being introduced to each other. Check out her review about the film Corsage which she wrote on @cinetv yesterday.

If you'd like to welcome her back, we bet she'll appreciate this!


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