Stick Up Music GIF Collection Of The Week - Spanish GIFs

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Stick Up Music GIF Collection Of The Week - Spanish GIFs

Most of our GIF Collections are quite big and keep growing over time as well. We have to admit that even though we know there's a HUGE Spanish community on Hive, we just have a tiny Spanish GIF collection so far. Maybe this reminder will make us up our Spanish game and create more in the near future. We will share the few cool ones we have here:"

Of course the one on top of this post means "Hello, how are you" but whenever you find someone really amazing, you can send them this one:

We double checked, and don't worry, you are not insulting anyone, we promise!

This one you can use if you want to say "Cool, terrific or awesome", so in case you want to up your Spanish game, start using these and we may add some new ones soon! Let us know in a comment which Spanish ones you'd like to see added to this collection.

Link to go to our Spanish GIF collection on Giphy.


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