Great eras of comic book titles- The Avengers

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With companies like Marvel and DC where they were putting out books every month, you had large spans of time in each title where that's just what they were doing...putting out books every month, nothing bad but nothing spectacular. Meeting deadlines and moving units. also had spans of time where everything was clicking and they were putting out fantastic work.

To mind mind the best era of the Avengers is years 5-6 or so.
You had the first appearance of Ultron, Vision, the Grim Reaper, Yellow Jacket, early appearances of the Black Panther.

Great stories by Roy Thomas...just fantastic arcs and fantastic self contained stuff. More great villains than you could ask for of varying degrees of evil and competence. From the absurd low level "Circus of Crime" to Magneto.


And the illustrations...some of John Buscema's best work. just look at this page with Yellow Jacket kidnapping Janet Van Dyne...some many amazing panels in that one page. And he was doing that every page, every issue for a good long stretch. Just soak in the second panel of that page, I am green with envy of how well that works.


Two of my favorite issues of all time are part of this run, the wedding of Yellow Jacket and the Wasp...


and a self contained issue with Doc Strange guest starring when he still wore the creepy blue mask.


The Marvel Avengers Essentials no.3 that covers most of this era. I'd scan the cover is, but I don't know were it is, I've read it so many times, it's fallen apart


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I love your work/style and I wish I had more to say, but my ignorance in the comic world would be far too apparent. I think I've mentioned my childhood (and even adult) comics were Sabrina, Vintage Archie (nothing past 1967) and Casper and Little Lulu, those funny little silly things, but I've always been drawn to the colour story of comics, especially the early ones.

I did see a funny thing on Youtube recently that the comic world was up in arms about some new characters that are "WOKE" or some such, like their powers are a backpack or something and there are non gender non binary twins or something? I don't know, it made me laugh, but I hadn't a clue what they were on about.

I know the characters you're talking about ...or at least about as much as you do. Saw some people making fun of them. They look pretty dreadful. XD
Loved Casper too! It's pretty hard to beat those old Harvey comics.
I think this era off the Avengers is 68-69 or so. They have a real charm to them. Especially some of the tropish dialogue. wasn't a trope yet when these where published

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