Ithaqa Comic Issue 4 Script pg 2

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Issue 4 is still the issue that my editor and I joke about when we ask ourselves "Is Issue _____ going to be another issue 4?" Meaning this issue damn near broke me and sunk the whole comic. It took a year of writing and probably 24 different versions to get this one into place, mostly because I had to throw away almost everything I had written for Ithaqa in order to make it work.

I thought about writing these issues like a spaceship trying to exit the atmosphere. It required so much energy to get us away from Earth's gravity... I had actually finished the entire book as it were, 600 pages of script ready to go, and then when I realized I had structural issues that required massive rewrites, issue 4 is where I had to wrestle the story back into something coherent and exciting. Now that it's behind me, I can say it was worth it. The story and characters are better than they would have been had I just pushed on ahead, but man that was a bad year for writing haha.

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