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For reasons I can't fully articulate, it was important to me to humanize Joseph, Daniel, and Dorothy, even though they are antagonists and pretty evil people. I guess I just pity them. They're afraid of the cosmos (not incorrectly) and they put their faith in a powerful man who only views them as resources to be spent. Sure, Rupert promised to protect them, but more often than not, he doesn't. In issue 4 we see how many cultists he used to have following him, and by the 1920's there are like 4. Spoiler alert, those other cultists didn't get wise and leave, they're dead.

So here we see Joseph, an extremely devout man, brought to the point of breaking and hopelessness now that his son and his wife are also casualties to Rupert's 'Ascension'.

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I think having some empathy with the villains can change the feel. Feel people are really totally evil. They will care for someone.

Yeah it just feels more real to me this way. Most people who I would consider to be doing evil or terrible things are merely misled. Doesn't change what they're doing, but it does make them more complicated