Ithaqa Comic Issue 5 Page 23


Margaret can truly not stand Mookie, haha. Which is why it is always so fun to write them into scenes together. If Margaret had her way, Ithaqa comic would not be an ensemble cast, it would just be "Detective Margaret and her plucky sidekick, Hazel."

It's a good thing this IS an ensemble cast though because readers who have been paying close attention since Issue 1, will know that Margaret dies in our B-timeline - and the biggest difference between the A and the B timeline is that in the B-timeline, our characters do not work together.

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I hope it's not all too confusing. I've watched some TV shows with alternate time-lines and it can be easy to lose track. All part of good writing of course.

Hopefully not! We use different color palettes, and the B timeline takes place farther in the future than the A-timeline. You never know though, I can never tell if I'm explaining things too much, or not enough haha. It's why I'm so lucky to have a good editor