Ithaqa Comic Issue 5 Page 32


I based this spell that William is setting up on the "Pensive" memory viewer from Harry Potter. However we're not using the pensive to view memories, William is using a Rot solution to peer at neighboring multiverses.

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Theresa Chiechi's (The Artist @la-fumettista) website is here:

Lucas Gattoni's (The Letterer/Logo Designer) website is here:

Twitter: @IthaqaComic


How much more do you need to map out? Do you have the whole story planned? I imagine there's lots of refinement that goes on.

Everything is mapped out, there's just one blank spot in the middle (issue 8) that hasn't solidified yet that I have to keep rewriting over and over again.

It's like the middle piece of a jigsaw puzzle is missing, and I'm doing my best to cut a replacement piece out of materials at hand haha

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