Ithaqa Issue 4 Page 3

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Hey look, a typo on page 3, my document says "page 1!"
A fun thing with this page, aside from going full Eldritch Psychedelic, is that we re-inforce the motif of our characters who are infected with Rot having their eyes inked out - like all of our covers to date:

issue 2 front cover.jpg

It was actually a fun bit of foreshadowing for those reading Issue 2, if you noticed that Rosie had her eyes inked out while her backup musicians did not, you might have been able to guess that she was going to be a pivotal character in the series!

In scriptwriting news, Lisa REALLY liked my most recent version of issue 12(da climax of this whole story arc). I might be just 1-2 edits away from finally wrapping this story up - and my god what a journey this has been. Some of you have been following me so long you remember when we all used to post on steemit, haha.

Theresa wants me to get her back to drawing in June/July, so I'm going to work very hard to make that happen, and of course I will be posting all the art here once I have it!

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That cover is freaky. I really want to see how the story pans out.


That cover is basically all of Issue 3 in a nutshell haha, although Hazel falling (women in the mirror) is issue 3 specific.

Unrelated to Ithaqa, I had a question about voting as it seems to have changed? My upvotes are supposed to be worth 5 cents ish, but other people's posts and comments don't seem to be affected when I upvote them? Is it on a delay now or something?

Your votes are working, but you may not see the rewards go up until you refresh. I'm not sure when that changed.


Gotcha, thanks!



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@drwatson! I sent you a slice of $PIZZA on behalf of @steevc.

Learn more about $PIZZA Token at

I keep meaning to write a review of the first three issues, but free time has been an unknown of late. I do want the next issues!

I'd love it if you were to do a review, please let me know if you do, and thank you for reading!