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RE: Latest addition to the comic collection via the blockchain

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Great post. I could see my name in the Ithaqa comic. I forgot I had backed this! ;-)

Just like you I think Hive is the perfect place to share comics. It has so much potential and surprisingly few creators using it.

For this reason, I went back into developing @inkito for a better Hive comic reading experience. Any digital platform you like reading comics on? I read a few on Comixology recently, and found the page turning feature pretty smooth.


I'm not sure how I have missed @inkito. It looks like a cool addition to the Hive ecosystem. Being able to flick through pages/epidodes of a comic is great. I will leave a comment on the latest post with my impressions.


Hehe thanks a lot. For now I'm improving performance but I'll revisit the design on the next step.

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