Donald Dragger - page 2

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This is one of the Dark Katharsisdrill posts which just might offend you... or amuse you if you are that sort of person. The following is viewed at your own risk!


The second page of a comic I made this spring, after I finished the second album of Phill from GCHQ. A tale of... yea, you better read it yourself and decide. Be warned that is is... not for the faint (which is why I post it on this profile).

In this episode we learn that Donald Dragger has some serious anger issues and that he is mean to his penis, which also is a funny animal of the Mickey Mouse variety.

My beautiful wife has participated with far out ideas and crazy humour, making sure this comics didn't conform to good taste - She is credited as co-writer under the name: Den Gule Rotte.


Donald Dragger 2


LOL! The mind does boggle. Comedian Richard Herring does interviews and has what he called 'emergency questions'. One of those was something like 'would you rather be a six foot penis or have a penis that is a tiny man?'. This reminded me of that. The wanking thing hardly bears thinking about.

I would say it should be temple rather than tempel, but maybe that could be the right word for this place.


Well... about the wanking thing. It will be there... :) Thanks for the proofreading. I have been so busy that I have had a hard time doing casual social media... But I will make a post with some really great music I found for you!

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Haha, sissy butterfly catchers is good, I'll use that one at some point