Donald Dragger - page 1

This is one of the Dark Katharsisdrill posts, which mean that it might offend, shock, sicken or displease you... or amuse you if you are that sort of person. The following is viewed at your own risk!


Well, time to post this comic made... not in my finest hour. I completed it this spring being in a bad mood and it is 22 pages of the sort which is why I made this profile in the first place. From page 1 it only gets worse. My beautiful wife has participated with far out ideas, crazy humour and she made sure the volume wasn't turned down (so to speak) - She is credited as co-writer under the name: Den Gule Rotte.

I sincerely hope you will all enjoy it :)



Reminds me of the garbage pail kids in the states haha.

Also I mailed your comic, let me know when you get it

Cool! I will let you know.

This is looking fun already. Who can resist a talking penis? I'm liking the drawing style too. Looking forward to more.


Yes, it is funny and absurd. And to me it is just - like what I grew up with and my humour in general and also that of my wife. Sometimes it is a bit hard for me to decide how to handle this international internet :) In my childhood, here in Denmark it was very liberal and we could read almost everything - it was in the library. Now things are very different. Maybe I should write a post about it?

I just heard a podcast with Dylan Moran (I wanted to see what he was up to lately) and he and the interviewer both says that they read Robert Crumb when they were children. That's it really. I did too - and a lot of wild things from Italy and France. And from Denmark too.

I'm up for some surreal art. I didn't read Crumb as a kid though. Our cultural norms around sex and nudity can be pretty absurd and are ripe for parody.

I do like Dylan Moran. Black Books is one of my favourite comedies and I've seen him live too.


Yes, same here. Black Books is a favourite in this flat.

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