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Sister - Page 108 of the cartoon about Phill from GCHQ - a free comic that I have been working on since September 2016.

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Introduction to this weeks page

Now only one page away from a milestone that I had hoped would be reached much earlier it still feels very good to look back at all the pages that will become the second album of Phill from GCHQ.

As the comic from the beginning was composed from page to page I think it has been surprisingly well organised (surprising even to self-congratulatory me). The fact that the story got to be about completely other things than I envisioned when I started, and that I, taking the advice from my French translator, Vincent Celier, underway changed the name of the album from "The Temple of the Machine-void" to "The Queen of Albion," hasn't shaken me out of my complacency.

One of the things that has worked well in the labyrinthine and unpredictable storyline (unpredictable even to me), is the relationships and psychological development of the sociopath, murderess and hipster secret service agent, Judith Gunn. From the beginning I only knew that she was a bunch of hardly controlled anger. On her first appearance all she said was "Kill" But she has evolved and now carries a complex backstory. For the last many pages I have worked up to this page where she to herself acknowledges that she feels like a sister to Gwendolyn Knight, the wacky High Priestess of all the leftover Gods of the British Isles.

Happy reading!

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A nice variety of character styles here and cool frame decoration. It's interesting to hear about your lack of plan. It's been fun anyway.

One minor typo of 'glas' rather than 'glass'.


Thanks for the typo. I was thinking about doing some more in-depth articles on how I work and the decisions and research I have taken and undertaken. I think I will post them also on my website, but I need to get a lot of work sone before I have time for that. Also the reason I all to seldom have something to post here on Hive.

Time is precious and needs to be prioritised. I can tell you have researched various stuff for the story. Some of use need the footnotes. I know little about all these mystical characters. I have this book that was originally online. The footnotes are informative and entertaining. Some of the other web comics I read have notes and I think they can really add to the experience.


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