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Harold and Heather - Page 95 of the cartoon about Phill from GCHQ - a free comic that I have been working on since September 2016.

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Introduction to this weeks page

After two pages that was really interesting to make this next page is more traditional and meant to make the story move forward to an end of album climax. I never got to show the couple who own the camping site where the fellowship of Phill has been for the last many pages (in story time just a couple of days). So now, just before our friends leave, we are presented to them. Harold is a bit unsure about what he has seen.

In the first frame, Gwendolyn (who since he/she went into a coma has treated Loretta like a baby), is singing the Welsh lullaby, Suo Gân. The meaning of the words are:

Sleep child upon my bosom,
It is cosy and warm;
Mother's arms are tight around you,
A mother's love is in my breast;
Nothing shall disturb your slumber,
Nobody will do you harm;
Sleep in peace, dear child,
Sleep quietly on your mother's breast.

(The translation is from Wikipedia)

Happy reading.

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Oh those boys! That is a gorgeous lullabye. I still have to catch up on the content though.

At least now the first part is on its way. Thank you so much for buying a copy. I have actually sold quite a few to readers in the US.

Is this genuine welsh? @grindle would know..., looks like gobbledegook to an Englishman.


Well, I copied it from Wikipedia so I hope it is right, But nice to hear that there's a Welshman here. I hadn't seen that @grindle was from Wales. I have a few places where I use some Welsh swearing. Took me ages going through boards and pages with nice Welsh obscenities.

How very dare you!
Of course it is welsh! You bloody heathen!

And the translation is true, it’s a welsh lullaby.

Cenedl heb iaith, cenedl heb galon

@katharsisdrill is a danish artist and comic strip writer, trouble is.. his comic characters are based in England and so he's always interested in our slang and strange ways of talking. Now he's into Welsh too hehe...

His command of English is better than most of the locals !

The internet is full of Englishmen that offers help (@slobberchops could inform me that hand shandy was a slightly outdated expression for example). I have had a few Welsh swear words, but only one time did I try something more complicated and I am still in doubt if it is correct. You can see it here - top column

Yes I would understand that as you have translated. We tend to use English words a lot, mixed in with welsh as there can be sometimes no literal translation.

The same here actually. We use many words from English that has arrived the last ten years. Everybody says "fuck" and as it doesn't really mean anything here it tend to be a rather mild statement. We had a visit from the US last year and she said of my twelve year old Nephew, "he is such a beautiful, clever and funny little fellow, but he swears like a sailor". It was that "fuck" which he probably has heard in American films and has transplanted to his English. He does not swear in Danish.

And thank you for checking the sentence. I really appreciate when I can make it right thanks to my readers.

You write good stuff,
Most welsh swearing is done in English.