Phill from GCHQ - page 96 - Y'all gone crazy

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Y'all gone crazy - Page 96 of the cartoon about Phill from GCHQ - a free comic that I have been working on since September 2016.

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Introduction to this weeks page

I have been looking at car chases in comic for these last weeks knowing that I would have to do a bit of that in the following pages. Cars need some tricks line speed lines to look like they move, while the body of a human or an animal simply shows this by its posture. There are many fine examples of comics succeeding online - just search for carchase and comics. Most of it is from American superhero magazines, but stunning and professional as it is it isn't really what I want.


from an older comic car chase (found here)

Then I remembered that there was a lot of car chases in Freak Brothers by Gilbert Shelton, a comic that was actually one of the inspirations for Phill from GCHQ.



The cars seem to always be drawn with all four tyres above the ground :)

Happy reading.

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Small typo 'on our tail' (not tale). UK spells tires as tyres if that matters.

That electric van can shift.

I've seen car magazine covers where they usually show the car cornering to get some impression of speed. Motorbikes can do it with a wheelie :)


Thanks! I will fix it. I always try to adhere to one set of rules (British English for example, which is what I learned in school), and I have experienced that when I go back and fix things I also remember them. Tyres will be in my brain from now on.

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