Sonny Superspreader


Hello! I am still trying to get back to business. Today I have a small comic - a commercial really - meant for the Danish market so there's a lot lost in translation. None the less I have made this English version and will publish it as creative commons on my website.

To explain one thing at least: Fantask is the name of one of the oldest still existing comic-shops in the world, a place with nice people who always buy some albums or fanzines from small publishers and creators. Two years ago it was about to close but people raised almost $100,000 and now it seems to have regained some of its old customers - I wrote a short post back then: Saving a comic shop.

But withoput further ado ... here's the page:



Sounds like a great guy, apart from the chlamydia (tricky spelling, as is Aleister). We need more joy spreading.

If anyone in the UK wants a signed copy of the book I have a couple of spares as I was anticipating seeing more people last year. Postage from Denmark can be expensive.


Thank you for the corrections! I just had to put some pepper in the small sketch of Sonny.

I can ask on Diaspora if anyone in mid-britain will buy a signed copy, what is the exact region?

I'm in Bedfordshire, so not far from London, but postage anywhere in the country would be the same.

I'll try on Diaspora!

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Haha, funny stuff dude! I love his expressions XD

Hahahaha. Great stuff, man. I still found it funny, you're saying it would have been even funnier if I was Danish?