Battle Chasers #8

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Issue #1 - The first issue review and explanation of what I'm doing here.
Issue #2 - The set up continues.
Issue #3 - Prison break.
Issue #4 - Attack on the city.
Issue #5 - Battle and first story arc conclusion.
Issue #6 - New villains are introduced. Red Monika side story.
Issue #7 - Sebastius makes his move.

The story so far: After saving the city there is not much downtime. A new villain, Sebastius rolls into town and unleashes an undead monster that attacks on multiple fronts. His goal is Gully. King Vaneer still seems to be toying with Garrison and knows Red Monika is the cause of the Skyhold prison break. But he's a bit pre-occupied with the attacking monster.


The second to last issue picks up right were the seventh left off. Garrison knows the monster is being controlled and that the attacker is nearby. The soldiers continue not to listen however and order a charge to attack. Garrison jumps into the fight as well. King Vaneer and Maestro are just watching from the palace. Kind of sinister as usual.


Garrison is able to do some major damage to the monster but it is regenerating quickly. He tells the soldiers to burn the bodies quickly. But they cannot do it fast enough. Garrison shifts focus and determines the best course of action is to find the controller and kill them instead. While searching they come across Gully who claims to know what to do.


She casually strolls up to the monster and gets eaten.


It turns out one of the soldiers was actually Sebastius in disguise. When Garrison is focused on Gully, he reveals himself and stabs Garrison in the back. Other soldiers are also Lycelot in disguise. But Sebastius also captures a real soldier that tries to help Garrison. While they're talking, Sebastius is acting smug as ever when Garrison smiles. Gully destroys the monster from the inside with the power of her gauntlets.

Though he looked worried at first, Sebastius lets out a smile as if that's what he was hoping for the entire time. Because it was.


With Gully knocked out and Garrison being held by his companions, Sebastius finally gets what he came for. The Gauntlets of Aramus. Over a few pages of dialog we learn that Sebastius is actually Gully's brother. Therefore also Aramus' son. He holds a grudge against the two. Aramus for abandoning him and Gully for having his Father's favor. Gully says she does not hate him, which trips him up for a bit. But also angers him.


When Sebastius goes to kill Gully out of anger, the Gauntlets rip themselves, as well his lower arms, off the maniacal villain.

What a way to lose. The very object of his desire turned against him to rip off his arms when he had practically won. Ouch. It was pretty interesting to find out that Gully had a brother and that brother turned out to be a villain. Aramus is also not seeming like the virtuous hero we all thought he was supposed to be.

With only one issue left and so much to wrap up, we are obviously looking at some major cliffhangers. Quite sad. But looking forward to finishing the series up. Will we get anymore Red Monika? She strangely goes missing for multiple issues at a time. Will August be elaborated upon at all? Will Knolan find the proof he's looking for? Will Garrison do the bidding of the King? What about Calibretto? Will he get repaired again? Even Sebastius could still be alive, what are they going to do with him? Can Gully forgive him? Can he forgive Gully? And where is Aramus!? So much we don't know... and so much we may never know.

To Be Continued!


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