Nerd By Northwest #197 – “Goblins Among Us”

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The Homebrew Party gets its first media exposure...

Nerd By Northwest #197 – “Goblins Among Us”
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Maybe it's just me, but I've ALWAYS thought Bret Bair from the Fox News channel looked like a goblin from Gringott's Bank who later managed to get enough plastic surgery to pass for human. The beady eyes, no neck, and slightly peculiar ears just always stood out for me.

So... anyone wanna take a bet there will be some lame attempt at a lawsuit over this? Good thing I know a bit about parody provisions under the "Fair Use" defense. So unless such things like "goblins" actually exist, I probably don't have too much to worry about... 😁

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That's the thing, though. Area 51 isn't hiding aliens, it's hiding goblins.

"Gringotts Bank" kind of goblins, or vicious "tear-your-face-off-and-eat-your-liver" kind of goblins? 'Cause I can totally see the US government in bed with either one, really... 😁

Or the Magic: The Gathering Ravnica plane goblins who are sometimes mad scientists, artificers, and mages?

No, government isn't that cool.

Definitely the LOTR-style gobbos.