Nerd By Northwest #204 – “Least Effective Enemies EVER...”

And you thought YOUR job was ridiculous...

Nerd By Northwest #204 – “Least Effective Enemies EVER...”
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In our campaign, the fight with the shark riders was just as one-sided. In fact, the only thing memorable about it was the shark-riding description. Ultimately, I think we just pelted them with spells from the shore while our fighters took out their ground-based allies. I don't even think they made it close to shore before they died.

I guess it's just one of those enemy encounter ideas that sounded better on paper... 😏

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What if they had flying sharks! Or is that not allowed?

BTW I did once see part of a Sharknado movie. Silliest thing I ever saw.

Flying sharks would have been more intimidating, but I'ingm guess the water cult's budget couldn't allow for it 😉