Nerd By Northwest #310 – “Trojan Pig”

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The Trojan Pig ruse manages to work, with one snag...

Nerd By Northwest #310 – “Trojan Pig”
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Why would Pickles put the hidden trapdoor for the Trojan Pig on the backside? Well for one, that area is more or less flat so it would be a bit easier to install there. Second, it's the area on the Trojan Pig one would assume would be the least interesting to look at. But mostly, I think it's because she doesn't like her current teammates all that much. 😈

So for those not as familiar with the D&D genre, hill giants are the dumbest of all the giants. The smartest ones are about as smart as Homer Simpson, if that gives you any idea. And how such a tribe of dimwit giants could build this huge log fortress was one of the things that I always wondered about in the "Against the Giants" adventure module (which this comic story arc is based on). It's sized for giants so it's not like they stole it from the smaller races, and other giants live in altogether different climates.

So my bet is they captured someone knowledgeable like Pickles to design it and direct the construction. After all, you don't need to be smart or knowledgeable to pass a test if there's someone smarter around to copy the answers from... 😉

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We talk about making a pig's ear of something, but it must be seriously bad to make a pig's arse.


That's an expression I've never heard... "making a pig's ear of something". Is that an exclusively British idiom? Closest I've heard to that was from an old Buck Roger's TV episode where Twiki says "in a pig's eye" as a response to some random bad guy. There's a fair number of British expats here in Mongolia... who knows when this slang could come in useful... 😉

It may come from the expression that you can't make a silk purse from a sow's ear. One of those old phrases that sticks around.


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