Comic Book Speculation

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On a day where "you know what" is getting an IPO on the NASDAQ, all eyes are on the crypto space. I get it; my eyes are there too, most of the time. Then comes along New Comic Book Day Wednesday, every week, and I remember that "assets" aren't always ones and zeroes, gold and silver, NFTs, and Leofinance. You know? Sometimes, it's fun to go analog, and hold something that collectors adore. That's where this little article comes in. We all know Leo disagrees, but I'm betting that some of these hold some good long term value for my daughter.

This week has a lot going on; recalled comic books, first appearances, and even a few gems that are worth reading (in my simple opinion, of course). So let's take a look!

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Apparently, this Dark Horse book has been recalled due to a printing error. You know what that means...scarcity, scarcity, scarcity. If you are able to see this book for $4 USD, take a flier and pick it up. Recent sales are in the $30 USD range.

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Canto is back, yet again, with a third series. This 1:25 Simmonds variant is very cool, and has a recent sale of $48 USD, all in. I am going to keep an eye on this one and try to snag it once price cools off for the Hattie Collection.

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Wow, I love this cover by Jennifer Myer. This 1:10 Yojimbo is tearing it up on eBay, currently. The last two sales were at $50 USD or more. If you see this one for $10 USD today, you know what to to do (buy it, that is). I am going to buy this one at some for Hattie, as well.

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This one isn't as exciting as the others, but you can x3 your money right now with this book with a cover price of $4 USD.

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Another indie with some heat. A story about a pandemic that transforms humans into locusts. Yikes, I hope this one doesn't have some prophecy to it...if you see it, you can buy it for $4 USD and x 4 it today.

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A Bat book is back; The Joker 2 features the first appearance of Bane's daughter. I do love all thing Batman mythos, so I hope to get this one sooner rather than later. The A-cover, above, is getting $15 - $20 USD

The C-cover, by Stelfreeze:

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Is also in this range. And the 1:25 Federici variant, featuring Punchline:

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Is commanding a solid $45 - 55 USD resale. Not bad...double your money, if you are able to!

There are also a few titles by SEcond Sight Publishing to keep an eye on. Print runs must be very low. There is no real sales data right now, but listings are in the $15 - 25 USD for each $4 USD book. As I said, it's an interesting week for comic book speculation.

Personally, I'll be hunting down Usagi and maybe the new Joker book. I don't think Bane's daughter will be anything like Punchline, but you never know.

That is it for me this week. Good luck in the wild today! Let em know what I missed, or better yet, what you picked up this week. I'm always excited to learn more.


I'm proud to say that I've managed to resist the urge to hunt several of these down, though I'll admit, Locust looks really interesting. Hmmm.

did you pick Locust up? I didn't get it, but was waiting to see what some folks thought of it.

No, I didn't; the store didn't have it, and I'm still catching up reading from the last couple of weeks! I'll see if I can find the time to post about the gems I did get this week.

So neat to see the books we enjoyed as kids keep our attention into adulthood and have some value! I collected comics a couple decades ago and have a box somewhere. I remember the first one I ever bought as an investment was the Image comic of Spawn #1.
I think I would rather trade cryptos and just keep those comics for a rainy day or to pass onto a next generation of nerd! ;)

Good luck in your investments. I know @parabyte is a big collector and turns them over regularly for a profit. He has rediscovered the value in his ETH and Doge and should start blogging again!

Oh yeah, definitely pull that box and take a look! My parents kept my collection, and though most were worthless, I had a couple of Spider Man and Batmans that had some value on eBay. I like to call comic book collecting my "fine art" investing - lol

that stelfreeze cover is amazing. thank you for sharing

Yeah, it's a pretty sweet cover indeed. I always love a good Batman book with great cover art