What??!! I was tricked! I want my money back!
I didn't pay any money?

Oooh, that Java, i hate love that little guy, he is the bestest ever and i hope he doesn't come scratch me all up

... how about a nice game of chess?

Glad you got the War Games reference. :)

Ah, I remember this movie. I'm tempted to watch it again.


They referenced War Games in the last season of Stranger Things, so I figured I should, too.

Stranger Things had their own bit of hacking going on from the same era. When I was a kid in the early 80s getting into computers it was exciting to see that stuff in a movie or on TV. Most people had never used a computer back then.


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Dogs can't see your bones.
But CAT scan.

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Hahaha. That's awesome! Nothing like a good tar and feathering in any case.

Tar and feathering is mean. Honey and feathering is good-natured fun...