Oh no! Look out 4th wall! Please do not shatter on us. We still need you!

Soooo, a box of text intrudes between Kickman and Count Mole... the box of text looks afraid...

I wonder if Count Mole, in his powered suit can drill through a wall of text?

Please... that Robo Mole armor is designed to tunnel with the power of 100 normal moles. Nothing compared to Kickman's Super Kick(tm).

Will the characters just have to self-narrate? Looks like a big fight coming up. The minions are just a warm-up.


Maybe I'll include two pages of fighting with no dialog or narrator boxes. Then everyone will start to miss the poor narrator....

The other day I snuck into the local zoo and spotted an albino Cheetah
It was the least I could do for him.

Credit: reddit
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Oh my. Did Kickman just kill the narrator?

Maybe a good thing as during a boss fight, more of the panels are needed for the action verus the narration.

I'm not sure if he killed him... He may have just hurt his wrist or exploded his computer keyboard with a power surge. Really, I don't think anyone knows...

(full disclosure: I know)

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