Latest addition to the comic collection via the blockchain

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Before I got on this blockchain, back in the Steemit days, I was not really into #comics. Of course I had read lots as a kid and seen the odd one since, but I was not seeking them out. Since being here I have discovered lots of cool comic creators and spent a fair bit on their work. The latest one dropped into the postbox yesterday, all the way from Ithaca, NY. This is the work of @drwatson and his team. It has been a long time coming. The original Kickstarter I paid into was back in 2019, but it has been delayed for various reasons.

It came with a sticker.

I have read the story online already, but I do like having a physical copy. I may need to get the other volumes.

In the back you can see some familiar names, including me! Many of them are comic artists themselves. Hive did not exist when it went to print.


This joins my little collection of works by @katharsisdrill, @arseniclullaby and @kommienezuspadt. The Spider Gwen comic came from @blewitt when he gave comics to everyone at Steemfest 3. They can work out expensive as they have all been sent from abroad, but some of that was paid with what I make here. I actually have two more signed copies of the Phill from GCHQ book. If anyone in the UK wants one then get in touch and we can do a deal.


I think Hive could be a great place for comics. A lot of artists are creating new works all the time, so they are ideal for posting online and they can earn on Hive. We need to be supporting those we enjoy to ensure they keep doing it. I love seeing fresh comics in my feed. If you do too then show your support.

Hive five!


Great post. I could see my name in the Ithaqa comic. I forgot I had backed this! ;-)

Just like you I think Hive is the perfect place to share comics. It has so much potential and surprisingly few creators using it.

For this reason, I went back into developing @inkito for a better Hive comic reading experience. Any digital platform you like reading comics on? I read a few on Comixology recently, and found the page turning feature pretty smooth.

I'm not sure how I have missed @inkito. It looks like a cool addition to the Hive ecosystem. Being able to flick through pages/epidodes of a comic is great. I will leave a comment on the latest post with my impressions.


Hehe thanks a lot. For now I'm improving performance but I'll revisit the design on the next step.

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That is really cool! Isn't it amazing the amount of talent that is kicking around this place just kind of flying under the radar from the mainstream. If only they knew what they are missing out on!

We'll show them my friend. Our time will come. ;-)

It's just unfortunate that Hive is getting so little attention with this recent crypto bull run. With the Great Social Media Purge and the deplatforming of Parler demonstrating the threat to freedom of speech & expression, perhaps more artists & writers will begin to recognize the potential here...

Yes! I just received my issues in the mail, too. Super stoked to get to read them this weekend!

I would be scared to open them, making a crease in the binder.

This one just has a fold there anyway, so shouldn't harm it. I'm not getting too precious about them. They are meant to be read.

I have always been a little like this with books.., even when I was younger.

I was never one for scribbling on books as a kid, but they got wear and tear from reading. I'm not going to think about what some comics I had would be worth in good nick if I even had them now.