Madi: Once upon a time in the future - A review

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I received this comic book from my better half for my birthday. She had ordered me Sandman, which I had on my list, but saw this on Forbidden Planet and was intrigued that it was co-written by Duncan Jones, film director and son of David Bowie. I am not familiar with the other (female) writer Alex de Campi.

It was published late last year by Z2 Comics. They seem to have a lot of works by or about musicians.


A quote on the back from William Gibson says it started as a screenplay, so perhaps they could not get the money to film it. Science fiction action movies are generally expensive.

The story features a group of enhanced soldiers who are reduced to working for a powerful corporation after military 'retirement' (so the blurb says). Part of their abilities is that they can be remote controlled by specialists once they gain entry to buildings run by other corporations for things like hacking. One of them, Madi, takes on another job to try and buy her independence.

One interesting feature of this book is that each chapter is drawn by difference artists, some with very different styles.


I can easily imagine this as a movie. It starts in a futuristic London and soon crosses the world. There is plenty of action, but also some touching quieter moments. It has strong female characters and a mix of cultures. You do not see too many sikhs in science fiction.

There is some graphic violence and so may not be suitable for younger readers.

I enjoyed it and consider it worth a look.


This looks cool!

Sandman is one of my all time favorites, and I've been enjoying the Sandman Constantine spin-off as well

It seems there is a load to explore out there. Buying all the books could get expensive, but I can treat myself now and again.


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Very interesting. That is pretty cool that they have different artists do the different chapters. I really need to consider picking up some graphic novels and digging in to them a bit more.

These books can be fairly expensive, so I keep an eye out in charity shops for them. I'm not into buying the weekly instalments comics. I am tempted to get the next volume of Sandman anyway. Got a backlog of regular books to read.

I have a literal library right outside my office door, so I might just dig into some of those through the summer. I will have to see if they have anything that is not annoyingly young adult though.

We have a small library up the road, but I have not used it in a while as I had so many books anyway.

My daughter has the Scott Pilgrim books that I plan to read next.

That looks like a neat find and a great read! I still maintain that the best comic stories lately are from the non-traditional, independent publishers.

Happy Birthday!

It was fun. I am not so interested in superhero vs super villain comics. There are just so many other there.


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Worth it? of course I am, nothing else with the cover I get hooked.


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