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RE: Posts with liquified rewards excluded from voting

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Does that mean that every post is excluded? :) Because every post gives curation reward to the voter which looks like vote buying according to your definition.

Also two questions:

  1. What is wrong in liquid payouts?
  2. Do you take cut from curation rewards or all is distributed to delegators?

Don't get me wrong, you can of course run your service as you wish but I don't get the accusations.


You're not really that stupid that I would have to explain that to you, are you? But there you go...

Height and distribution of curation rewards are decided on by consensus, the same consensus that decides them to be paid out in vested form. You are acting as a middle man and using capital to override consensus for a fee. And by offering higher curation rewards, you're giving users who pay you an edge in the struggle for upvotes.

If you want to know how curangel works, look it up yourself.

You're not really that stupid

OK, it's pointless. Best of luck.