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RE: Curangel Project in Hive

in Curangel5 months ago

I just bumbled across @curangel this morning while reading another post. It sounded like such a great project I delegated 300HP. This is not much I know, but my HP is limited right now, but if all goes well, I plan to delegate more in the future.

Thanks for such a great project. I am interested in curating as well, but could not find any information about becoming a curator for the project. Can you point me to more information?

The 'decentralization' term we are in absolute agreement on. Any community where those with the dough can call the shots is not genuinely decentralized.



Last paragraph of my post has a link to Curangel discord. You can click on that link and ask a question. Most off chain communication happens there. I am not sure if there is a open position for a curator available now, but you can always apply.

Thank you. I will try to drop in on Discord today.