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RE: Curangel Project in Hive

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Curangel certainly makes a difference to authors when they are curated and that is great to keep people motivated and active. However I have seen occasions where curated posts probably wouldn't be called quality standard, and trust me those were an objective view of quality, not subjective! In addition, I notice a few curated post in the past were plagarised or recycle and wasn't picked up by the curator.

I'm not dissing Curangel because as I've said already,it is great that such a stron curation guild is around to support content creators. My two cents worth is just that it would be great for curators to be bit more diligent and not let the abusers slip through when there could be another more genuine hardworking author out there.


There are of course cases that slip through when it comes to plagiarism. It is greatly appreciated when community members spot them and bring them to our attention. These things happen not only with Curangel though.

When it comes to quality standards as it is hard to define what's a quality post, Curangel rules are perhaps not as strict as for some other groups. As long as curator has valued the post as original and providing some sort of value and are not plagiarism, they are fine. Since we are aiming for far and wide distribution and our vote is not yet astronomical it seems reasonable at the moment.

Pauline; I consider you as a friend of this social experiment. There are occasions where you have actively protected the best interest of this blockchain. So I will count on you in every case that you suspect such items that you mentioned you please bring it to our attention. I appreciate your help as always!