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Somehow I feel we all are surrounded by barriers, social barriers, global barriers, or economic barriers. This is my personal opinion after seeing and observing life closely. Obviously, there is a difference between responsibilities and barriers but if responsibilities become a burden, then it might be considered as barriers. I guess the burden word is appropriate to describe the barriers which are created because of responsibilities, maybe overwhelming feelings, or maybe an individual can't take it.

I might be wrong but look at life, why achieving success or achieving something is not so easy? Because of the barrier right, the way towards success is not smooth, it's a rock and roll journey. So what exactly we do, we decide to break those barriers and to move forward. This is life, without patience, hard work, talent, and connection, you can't achieve anything. Obviously barriers will be there but you have to overcome it.


Let's talk about era, centuries, and global status, from analog to digital journey the world has to go through a lot. Each era gave something or left something for the people, people broke those barriers that's why not we are living in a digital modern world.

There was a certain time when women were not allowed for higher education, they were not allowed to go outside, basically, this culture was established in many countries, gender discrimination. Later, women broke those barriers created from society and decided to move forward. They became professional along with the household job, they proved that they don't want to stay behind the curtains, they can move forward and contribute to the society. Was it easy? No, I guess not. It's was not so easy breaking those invisible chains created by society rules and religious norms.

I think every era or century left a lesson for us to break the barriers. I just wrote basic examples, there are many. Now digital money is available, many people are moving to the decentralized world breaking the rules of centralization. I tried to clear my thoughts but don't know.


Last but not least I wanna give an example of me. My life was never been so easy like now, it was full of social and religious norms. No, my family never created any barriers on my way but my society and religions put an invisible chain on me that I broke. I learned to fight for myself, I broke those barriers just to be free and to do something for myself. Still, there are so many girls who can't come out because of social barriers, still, so many dreams died because of financial, social barriers.

I was lucky but not everyone is lucky like me, I took risks and played gamble with my life but not everyone has the guts to play with fire...




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Breaking barriers, moving forward... That's life progressing, or you can say life evolving. :-)

Exactly, thank you for reading...

Every time
Every time I read your posts
You touch a chord right on time 🙏
I agree that the barriers are to be broken, but our own boundaries we set for ourselves usually exist for a reason
Be well my friend

I agree with you, those boundaries are made by us, basically, personally we are happy with that, no complaint but some societal barriers force us to accept many things like I said education, job etc etc.

hello dear friend @priyanarc
I appreciate that you touched on this topic and shared your opinion
You are very right, life is that, breaking barriers, and overcoming every obstacle that arises, that is the beauty of life, living it intensely overcoming each adversity to achieve success.
May success always accompany you dear friend and when you are not looking for them.
Have beautiful dreams

I guess my little thank you is not enough for your beautiful explanation, your words are right and so true as well.
Thanks my friend for being so supportive.
Have a nice day...

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