It's A Random but a Productive day...

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I guess Wednesday is one of the busiest days among the whole week, at least for me. Somehow I feel Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are more productive days than others. A few days ago, my dad was asking what you do throughout the whole day, a little bit hard for me to answer because I do multiple works. I don't do 9 am to 6 pm work or I don't maintain any scheduled work hour but my entire days always remain busy. Today after spending the whole day crazily, now I have got time to write this post.

Gigi becomes so needy when it comes to food, she always feels hungry and tries to eat almost everything. Her most favorite moment with me I guess when I eat and she eagerly waits when I am going to share my food with her. Labradors are like that, can't complain, they eat almost everything. Hahahaha... She is so adorable...


We are having fall season here and I haven't prepared anything for Fall. No, I am not going to buy any kinds of stuff or anything like that, basically, during fall, I rearranged my home and prepare for winter. Basically, deep clean, laundry, reshuffle furniture and decorations something like that. I have started watching cleaning ideas and motivational videos for Fall on youtube. Funny or silly right, but youtube has all kinds of solutions honestly speaking.

This picture I have taken at the beginning of this spring. It's an open space residential area, a perfect place for dogs, and for a walk.


I started taking online free courses, there is so much to learn and before payment, I can do free classes, if I like then I have to pay for further classes. I am not going to write anything about it now because right now I am just having a trial and error period and haven't decided anything.

Personally, I think these online courses are really very helpful for the people like me who want to learn something new. I am eagerly looking forward to seeing how my online classes will go. I am hopeful.

All, I can say, I am learning something new.

It's just a random day but a productive day...




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How are you dear friend @priyanarc good afternoon
What a hectic day you have had, how good that Gigi is growing very well and is eating bun, I imagine sitting waiting for you to share your food with her, the puppies are very passive in that sense
I appreciate that you will show us your day
have a wonderful night and a happy rest

It is normally when you think that you are idling that you are at your most busy my friend. Good to see that you are also now thinking about short courses.


Actually, I felt that because of this COVID situation I have to stay at home most of the time, plus I felt that I need to gather more knowledge by doing short courses, so decided to do it...
Thanks, dear, I hope you are doing great...

Definitely a wise way to get through the Covid situation my friend.
Self improvement is always a good thing.
We are doing well thank you!

Residential area is love and calm. Anybody can that environment. Just commence of spring, its sign of spring.

Ya exactly, thank you for reading...

Wow that is so awesome.. The residential area. Nice pic by the way.. And good to know that you keep busy yourself doing the things you like. God bless you. And yeah.. Winter is coming

Well, ya snowy gloomy days are coming so before that I should have to be prepared for 5 months long winter :D