Some questions don't have any answers, they stay questions forever.

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Today I became a fan of laziness. I never felt lazy like this before, eat, sleep and again eat and sleep, that was my routine so far. I was away from my broken laptop all the time, sitting eating on a couch, and sleeping all at once. I haven't gone out because of the cold weather and preferred to stay at home, cozy and warm. From yesterday till now I am in a weekend mood and kind of hangover though I haven't drunk a single sip of alcohol. I rarely drink alcohol and most of the time, I try to avoid it except occasions.

Honestly speaking I am grateful for the life that I have got now. Maybe I don't have so much money, maybe I have to go through financial crisis often but overall I am happy. I made my world small and limited so that I can be with myself. I know it's not possible to keep my world small but I try. I maintain formality where needed and stop making friends so easily. Many people call me unsocial including my dad, but as long as I am happy, no opinion matters at all.

Today I noticed a weird thing about me, when I am about to sleep or when I sit on a couch lazily, so many words and sentences roaming inside me, just like a world full of words, thoughts, and imaginations. But when I try to write, I am out of words. I don't know whether it is natural or not.


Pride is something that can destroy a human, a life. You know nothing extra is good I mean some people cross the limit of pride and become arrogant, aggressive, and start showing off. You are blessed with what you have gotten. You have got the privilege of good life which many people's desires and they fight for it every single day to get it. But instead of feeling thankful and grateful, you are just showing off. Today you might have a lot of money, successful career but tomorrow you might not have that. Who knows what is waiting for you next.

Understanding life and taking a lesson from it is not an easy job. I believe it is also related to maturity level, the people who actually understand life, they are mature more. Because they know what they are getting and they are thankful.

Look at these flowers, they should feel proud of their beauty but they never do that. They share and spreads beauty for others.


I wish I had more proper words to explain my understanding level and my thoughts but I am not a professional writer so I just can't. People have so many misconceptions about me but I don't mind. I saw my life, I tried to remove those misconceptions several times before but something actually never changed. It always remains the same, you can't change people's minds no matter how much you try. That's why I always say relationships are not for me. I don't find any compatible person for me.

People say, if you want to live your life fully, you need a partner who will be always with you.

But what if I never find the correct person for me? What will happen next?

Some questions don't have any answers, they stay questions forever.




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how are you dear friend @priyanarc good afternoon
It is normal to be full of ideas while you wander or you are lying in bed without doing anything, but when you want to write your thoughts, they disappear, I think you have to have a draft handy to write the spontaneous thoughts and then turn it into a phrase or a stanza.
Do not worry, the ideal person always arrives for each one, some arrive quickly and others take time to arrive, but believe me that ideal person arrives, I recommend that you read the legend of the red thread, there you will understand many things
have a beautiful night and a happy rest

I am going to search that book, I guess I need to watch more documentaries and should read books. It's been a long time since I left reading books, perhaps it's high time to start reading the books again...

Nice photography.

Thank you...

This flower is looking gorgeous..

Thanks apu...