First frost on the last day of fall

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Hello, guys!

Did you have signs of winter yet? First snow is always exciting and make us feel like children again. But first real frost also is so charming. The greenery and fallen leaves are decorated with million of tiny crystals. The air is especially clear and every sunbeam breaks into multiple drops of light in this frozen lace.


I took these photos today in the morning, but I had only my smartphone with me, so these shots can't express well what I mean. But the day is really wonderful. Oh, I miss a real winter with snow, frost and blizzards. I miss my down coats, big woolen hat and scarf, and warm and clumsy Uggy. At least, snow is must have for a perfect Christmas, but it happens so rare.


Meanwhile, this is all I have so far, these small signs of winter that will come tomorrow according to calendar. Let's remember to have a daily walk no matter what is the weather, and enjoy the outside!





P. S. Know why trees shed their leaves for the winter? Because in winter there is very little sun for photosynthesis.

Thanks for a visit and wish you a good start of the week!





Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
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Дякую!!! Виглядає дуже гарно! Пішов і я на вулицю насолоджуватись, поки маю таку можливість.

Сподіваюсь у вас теж сьогодні гарна погода 🌤🌞

Yay! 🤗
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We are having cold rain here in Ukraine...

Well, I am in Ukraine too ;)