Dog Attack - The Moment It Bit My Son…

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I gasped. It felt as if my heart stopped beating and sunk down to my feet. The loud scream and wailing sounds from my son numbed me.

Wait, let’s take this back a few months...

Our next door neighbor bought home a puppy. It was big for a puppy and very wild. My kids were intimidated by it because it chased them around and pulled on their clothing. She would even give them “friendly” nibbles (you know the playful kind) that they weren’t too excited about.

A month or so later we noticed her barks started getting a little aggressive when we went to visit. Although our neighbors are our friends and our children play together quite often, I decided until they could train her and were able to tame that wild in her, we would stop coming over.

There were times when my kids stepped outside and would have to run right back in because she would aggressively bark at them as she ran towards them. My neighbor apologized and started to keep her chained while she was outside. My frustrations towards the dog started to grow.

Now let’s fast forward to last week…

As normally, my kids were outside playing with their friends. Our neighbor’s son went back into their home to grab a bike he wanted to show my kids. In doing so, he left the door wide open and inside their dog was roaming freely (yea she’s so wild they usually keep her restrained even inside).

I’m sure you can easily guess what happens next.

Their dog (I haven’t bothered to remember her name) darts out of the house and immediately starts chasing my six year old son.

At the time this happened, I was in the house putting away my purse and things from a grocery shopping trip. My husband was outside in front grabbing the last of the groceries.

The first screams I heard from him were from the fear of the chase. He always screams when their dog chases him because of how aggressive she is.

But then the aggressive barking followed.

Next, came the wailing sound and that’s when I new it was serious. The dog had bit my son.

I was already on my way to the front door to grab him in and tell the other kids to come inside when I first heard her bark. When that dog is out I don’t want them to be and this very day confirmed my concerns and worries.

When my husband saw our son run passed him he immediately tried to grab the chain of the dog to stop her from chasing him. They were moving so fast that he couldn’t turn in time and missed the chain then had to run to catch up with them.

When he reached the chain he grabbed it up and yanked the dog away from our son but by that time it was too late. She had already bit him in the back of his leg. The way my son described it was that she first yanked at his leg and then she bit him. 😖

After she bit my son she tried attacking my husband’s face but he was able to block her with his arm. He also used the chain to yank her neck and keep her from biting him. After a few seconds her collar along with the chain flies off of her neck.

At that point our neighbor came out to grab the dog. She had to use one arm to hold its body and the other arm she placed around its neck to calm her down.

In that moment I felt rage and anger and wanted to hurt that dog for biting my son and attacking my husband.

But of course I didn’t.

I do believe my husband used some restraints due to it being our neighbor’s dog. Fortunately he didn’t have to hurt it but if it keeps attacking our family who knows what the outcome will be. 🫤

I couldn’t bring myself to take a photo of the bite mark at the time. Thankfully there wasn’t much blood but it was bruised and swelled up. The bite could have been a lot worse. We’re thankful she didn’t tear into his skin deeper than what she did or bite him more than once.

This is what it looks like now after a week of applying essential oils…


My son is okay now but unfortunately he is afraid of all dogs atm. He thinks they will turn on him and attack him. 😟

I’ve been telling him that it’s okay to be cautious but not all dogs will treat him that way. Not all dogs will attack you for no reason. He’s not ready to trust them and I will not force him to do so. I do pray he eventually overcomes this and that his love for dogs will return.

It was so hard dealing with this because I was so upset this happened to him but at the same time I could imagine how my friend, the owner of the dog felt. As a mother I know I would be devastated if my dog bit another child.

So what did I do?

After taking care of my son’s wound and making sure he was okay I went to talk to her. Her husband was already over here talking with my husband and checking on our son.

When I arrived over there she was in tears. The first thing she said to me was

That should never happen.

I grabbed her and hugged her as she apologized over and over. I assured her our son was okay and that we know it was an accident that the dog got out. I’m glad I was able to overcome my anger and be there for her as mother to mother…I would have definitely wanted the same if the shoes were reversed.

At this point I think they are thinking about letting the dog go because they don’t know how to train her.


It’s not only their dog I’m worried about. I’m starting to hear about more and more incidents where dogs have attacked and injured people. An Amazon deliverer recently died being gnawed to death by two dogs. The owners were out of town when it happened. 😣

I just recently read about when @jobeliever’s son was attacked a couple of years back by their neighbor’s dog. It is truly a scary situation to experience.

We live in an unfenced area where the open woods face our backyard. Any animal can come from there at any given time and sneak up on us while outside. I can only remain watchful and keep an eye on my children the best I can while they’re out playing with friends.

Listen to your instincts and remain watchful for signs of an aggressive dog. Take precautions and do your best to keep a safe environment for your family.

I personally hope they give the dog away if they can’t afford a trainer. I have watched them try to train that dog and it’s certain that it needs a professional’s attention. I don’t want it biting or attacking my family again or anyone else in our neighborhood.



While excited to see you are posting again @crosheille, I was saddened to read this one, as I know what this is like. Thankfully, it did not turn out as bad as it could have. I hope your neighbors end up doing the right and responsible thing and get that dog out of your neighorhood.

Years ago, I was awakened out of a sound sleep by my daughter's screaming. 3 of my children had been sleeping outside on top of our trampoline. She was coming inside to get me to tell me they had not completely closed the gate and a "bad dog" was fighting with our dog and "killing him" ...

Although drowsy, I was instantly up and moving, making two vitally important decisions. Even though a hot summer evening, I put on my jeans, not shorts ... 🙏 And ... I had set the rock hammer I use for weeding just inside the door. As I was running out of house to deal with whatever was out there, I picked up that hammer on the way out ... 🙏

The "Reader's Digest" from there? A 110-pound pit bull (fact learned later in court) had our dog pinned to the base of our tree by the throat. I yelled back at my beloved to call 911, get the kids inside the house and out of the way, and went out there ...

I ended up at our local ER with two big holes in my calf muscle, closed by 6 stitches in each. If I had not had my jeans on, there would have been gaping holes and likely permanent damage to my ability to walk. Why? I grabbed the pit bull by his chain-studded collar and began to hit him on the top of his head, to break his death grip on our dog's throat. What ensued from there, I'll spare the details, but ... I would not do that again, unless I had a gun, rather than a rock hammer ...

In court, the owner calmly plead guilty to all charges. Agreed to pay all costs (like my ER costs ...). And accepted the judge's decision that his dog was a menace and had to be permanently caged, with satisfactory proof to the court it could not get out. My impression was the judge wanted to make the owner decide to put his "pet" down, rather than it be court-ordered. Didn't happen ...

FWIW, the dog's name? "Capone" ... 😒 His "macho" owner thought that sounded about right, for the impression he wanted to make owning a dog like that ... 🤷‍♂️


Why do people keep animals like this? Well, that can be endlessly discussed. All we know as parents is they do and we must be eternally vigilant. At least your neighbors sound very remorseful and don't have bad intentions ...

I hope this all turns out for the good, my dear friend, for you and your family.

I literally read your story thrice to make sure I read the details correctly. I can't even imagine. What a blessing you thought accurately to put on jeans instead of shorts. I’m sure your heart was pounding as you headed to face what was outside but even more so ready to protect your children. I know we could get hurt by many things but thinking about the damage a dog can do…whoa.

It’s good your neighbor owned up to what his dog did and paid the costs. Wow, that’s definitely an appropriate name for him. I ask that question too and don’t understand it. It’s certain as parents we have to be constantly vigilant.

Thanks so much. It’s good to be back posting again. Yes, I am so grateful it wasn’t any worse. Our neighbors truly were remorseful but I too only hope they do the smart thing and give up that dog. 😓

"... as you headed to face what was outside but even more so ready to protect your children. I know we could get hurt by many things but thinking about the damage a dog can do…whoa."

Yes, well, I quickly had my children safely behind the closed door of our house. That was no issue, terrified as they were, since Capone was killing our dog ...

The issue, only fully thought about and reflected upon later, was that I was putting myself at risk for a ... dog. Hmmm. Yes, it was our beloved family pet, but still ... Putting my life at risk for a dog?

I was not going on to face "Fluffy" or any similar version of some little pretend toy dog. This dog was trained to match its name ... I will never forget the force with which I hit that dog with my rock hammer, on the head, over and over and it had no obvious effect ...

So ...

Many years older (and weaker) aside, I would not do that again. And presume upon our good and gracious God to spare me from my foolishness again.

Unless I had a gun ...

Putting my life at risk for a dog?

I see what you mean. Your children were already safe but it was the whole matter of you going up against a deadly dog in order to save yours.

So thankful your life was spared that day. 🙏🏽

This saddens my heart. Your Son who was once a lover of puppies suddenly becomes so scared of dogs. I wouldn't blame him, it might take a couple of time for him to consider loving dogs again. My kids have wanted me to buy them puppy but I still maintain my "NO" decision for now. However some dogs are friendly

I am so sorry ,you and your family went through all of that ..your neighbor too felt so bad about what transpired, if only she could control the situation then, she should have. My happiness is that your son is getting better now

Few years back, a white big dog bit my younger brother, he was 10 years old then. After 4 days he died😭. Reading this post reminded me of my late brother due to dog bite...he didn't make it but my family and I have moved on...
Please take care of your 7 old son, if possible visit the hospital and see a doctor about it.

Yes, it will take him some time to recover and love dogs again. I remember you saying your children were asking for a puppy. I see you have stuck with your No for now!

I know you and your family have moved on from the tragedy but please accept me saying I am truly sorry hearing that you lost your younger brother. I appreciate you openly sharing about your loss and at the same time bring awareness to the dangers of a dog bite. When it first happened to my son it did cross my mind to take him in to see his doctor. But after a few days I saw how well it was healing and that he didn't have any symptoms or after effects from it so I decided not to. After hearing your story this may change that decision if it happens again (Lord forbid it does). ❤️

I remember you saying your children were asking for a puppy. I see you have stuck with your No for now!

Yea 😊, you still remember this our conversation then👍....I maintain my No 😂, just too scared ma🤦

but please accept me saying I am truly sorry hearing that you lost your younger brother.

Thank you so much ma'am 👏🤗
It's all in the past now.

Okay...since there was no symptoms or after effects, and he is also healing well, I think there is no need visiting the hospital in his case...God forbid that we experience such again.

Take care, extent my warm regards to him 😊❤️😘

Yep I still remember. 😅

Yes God forbid. Thanks so much for caring and showing your concern ~ 💓

That's horrible! We also had unfenced area here that surely the dog can in and out. The scariest moment we ever had! Nothing can replace the trauma it brought and the adrenaline rush we had.

Thank God that he's doing good now.
Big hug! God bless🙏

I know what you mean about adrenaline rush. My husband reacted so quick without even thinking. It took a lot of strength to keep the dog from biting him. He was so frustrated and disappointed that he missed grabbing it's chain the first time but I assured him he did what he could in the given moment.

Thank you so much. He's slowly getting over the trauma part of it all. 🙂🙏🏽

I am glad to know that your son is better than his wound is improving, on the other hand it is very unfortunate that this type of thing happens, because I have always believed that not all people know how to educate a dog, dogs have a way of being and this is also shaped by its owner, that is, not all of them have the right temperament for the dog, it is a balance

Hugs 🤗

Thank you Irene! Having a balance is so important. If someone knows their pet isn't a good fit for there home the ideal thing to do is give it up. It's important to be able to train a pet especially when the pet is aggressive and needs guidance.

Thanks for your comment ~ ❤️

Oh dearie! My heart feels like it's been crushed when I read what happened to your boy. I hope he does not keep the fear of dogs for too long.

Though as per my own experience the indifference towards dogs will always be there. I too, got chased and bitten by our neighbor's dog when I was 8. I can still remember it up to this day like it happened only yesterday. It still gives me chills every time I see the scar at the back of my thigh.

We also had a time a earlier this year when we had to foster a dog for a few months. While I was the main caretaker of the dog, I cannot say that I made a deep connection with him. As he grew bigger I knew we could not keep him- he doesn't fit our lifestyle especially I have small kids too. We made the decision to give him back to our neighbor who asked us to care for the dog because I could not risk him getting too excited around my kids.

I appreciate that. That's how my heart felt when I saw his face after the incident. I wish I could have grabbed my boy up sooner so he wouldn't have experienced this.

Oh my gosh you still have the scar? I believe things like this definitely stick to a child. I have a feeling he’ll be talking about this for years to come.

I wish everyone could make a responsible decision like you did. I am the same way when it comes to small children. Definitely wouldn’t take the risk.

Greetings @crosheille, good to see you back, how was your break? I don't know if you have written a post before this one, the last one I read was about the break you were going to take because of the different activities you have in the school cooperative.

Thank God your son is better and the bite was not serious, I don't like to have a dog at home, years ago one of my sisters was bitten by a dog when she was going to work, the dog came out of her house and without making any noise bit her in the leg.

Have a nice day!

Hi @belkyscabrera! Thank you! Yes I have written one more post before this one announcing that I have returned. 😉

My break was really good and helped me put some things into perspective. I am glad I took the time away but I’m really glad to be back connecting with everyone again.

Geez, that sounds even worse when you don’t even hear or see the dog coming 😣. I used to want my kids to have a puppy to grow up with but we decided not to have any pets. I honestly get nervous seeing humongous dogs around small babies and children.

Thanks for the visit ~

I'm sorry about that, I'm glad your son is doing better now. I once had a wild dog too that chase my friends and neighbour.. I was thinking I could control it until the day it bit me too. My dad had to put it down. Your neighbor should take more caution since the dog hasn't been tamed

Thank you, we're glad he's better too. I think a lot of people think they will be able to train or control a dog but find out otherwise. As parents we have to make those calls to protect our children, that's exactly what your dad did.

Yes I agree. We just found out they have to get a new muzzle for the dog because she chewed up the other one 😳. Yeah we’re going to stay clear of that dog as much as we can. Now I’m nervous to let them play outside. 😑

Your story brought back so many memories for me. I know as a mother how it feels when a dog attacks your child. I've been through it personally. I am so sorry that this dog bit your son.
To be honest I believe people who have no idea how to train their pets shouldn't keep one. We are also seeing so many incidents like this here. Hope your neighbor gives away her dog.

Thank you @sofs-su. I'm sorry to hear you also experienced this as a mother. It is definitely something I pray we will never have to experience again.

I agree tremendously. I just don’t get it. If you know you can’t train them why keep them and risk things like this happening.

I hope so too. We haven’t heard her barking in awhile so I reached out to my neighbors and asked them if they gave her up. They told me they’ve been keeping her in until they get her another muzzle…she chewed up her other one. 😐

It really is a difficult situation for a child, as a dog bite is a very strong thing. It is a lot to deal with. I'm glad you are much better now, I never went through something similar when I was little, and none of my relatives either, in this case I don't know how to respond to this; although calm and understanding everything in principle are elementary to be able to act properly.

Thank you for your words. Yes, it's a difficult situation to have happen for sure .

I am not happy hearing this because I hate it when little children get hurt especially been bitten by animals. I am so sorry to hear that and please treat him well to avoid another ailment.

Thank you, I appreciate your comment. It breaks my heart when littles get hurt too, especially my own.

I am so sorry for what happens to your son hope he is ok now

Thank you. Physically he is okay but emotionally will take some time.

I am so sorry about the dog incident. I know how it feels as a mother seeing your child hurt. At that moment you just wish you had protected him before it happened. I was once bitten by a dog as a child and I saw the way my mum panicked that day.

Your neighbors should please do the right thing to either cage their dog or put it away. I wish your son a quick recovery