#19 Diary of Remenzer : Advice I Would Give to a New Dad - DadLife Challenge Week 03 Day 4

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It's really important for you as the man of the family and dad soon getting a hand from the first trimester. It's as simple as giving her water to drink, cook for her, or talk to your baby while he/she still in there! Read for your baby, not to wait after she/he was born but before that. I've done it to all my kids. What I can tell you is all of my sons can speak fluently earlier than an average boy! Yes! and more importantly, they ask more variety of questions and that's is a great thing.


Nobody said being a parent to a newborn would be simple. As a new dad, you may be concerned about a lot of things. Remember, newborns need continuous caring. You must find time to do housework and other activities in combination with feedings, diaper changes, and crying sessions. For new dads who are accustomed to a more active lifestyle, this might be difficult. Wiseman said family come first. The most common source of conflict in relationships is unequally distributed parenting and housework responsibilities. Sharing these responsibilities more evenly enhances good relationships. Fathers should consider whether they can cut back on their work hours. If they can't, they can still do a lot of work at home to show the mother that she isn't expected to do everything by herself. If you had to become less active because you need to take care your baby, that's okay, and you should put your family first. Don't put everything on her responsibilities. It is your responsibility as well. Take turns feeding and changing the infant especially at night.


Nothing will ever be the same after that. It may be a lot better and more satisfying, but it will also be exhausting, stressful, and difficult. The first step in being a new parent is to prepare yourself. Your sleeping patterns, in particular, will have to shift at some point. When it comes to parental sleep deprivation, things are generally improving because you become stronger mentally. But, especially in those early days, don't underestimate the threats. Sleepy driving is deadly or even more dangerous than drunk driving. Poor sleep can cause a variety of health issues, including irritability, increased stress, and decreased patience, all of which can be problematic for the baby if the parent is extremely sleep-deprived. Take advantage of family or parental leave if it is given. Don't try to do everything yourselves in the early days. Allow the relative family to assist if they are willing.


I always have hope for the best thing to happen to my life and my family. I am full of positive thinking that nothing bad will going to happen, and to be honestly speaking, I never ready bad things to happen. So when the worst thing hit my life as a dad, the head of my family, it hit me hard. It takes time for me to get on track. My mental strength going through a hard time to grow mature and stronger to fight mentally all the bad things that happened to us. I always hope for the best but never being prepared with alternatives in case the worst-case scenario occurs. I live to the fullest this whole time, spending money like I can generate more, but actually, I cannot. I have no saving that enough to even help when family need one. I said always said, don't worry much, we'll be okay, but the truth is, we are not okay if we are not prepared for the worst!


Don't mad at her just because she doesn't have more time for your life before anymore. Help her! Help her! Help her! ALWAYS by her side no matter what! Don't try to blame her. You will see a lot of changes in her. Her attention and focus will be more on the baby. Both of you should! Learn to say more often of these magical words : Thank you.. I love you.. Good morning.. Good night.. You need help?.. What can I do for you?.. and kissesssss and huggss..lots of it.



Being a dad is one tough job. But it worth it. Your life will never be the same again. You become a man that you yourself can proud of forever. Stay calm and believe in yourself.

This picture was taken early this year. My wife went out for her "me time", and I taking care all of the kids by myself, and I am proud of it that I can do it without much of help.

Thank you very much for reading this far and I hope to read your comments.


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