Never Been A Better Pot To Piss In

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In the five years I've been here and nearly 46 years of living, I went from having nothing to say about urinals to featuring them on two cover images in less than five weeks. Ladies, something you're unaware of unless of course you think about weird shit is the view from a urinal isn't worth mentioning until now.

While positioned at a urinal with our face less than a foot away from a solid wall, the most viewing pleasure we'll get is a drink menu which are few and far in between and that's only at an upscale restaurant. A concert or special event might have a flyer taped to the wall promoting next weeks performers. Both are rare sightings. When we use a urinal, other than a quick glance at the bowl we're pissing in to verify we're aiming directly at that splash guard thing placed in the bottom of the basin that often reads Say No To Drugs which I've never understood by the way. Say No To Drugs on something designed to be pissed on always made me laugh which isn't recommended while getting ahold of yourself at a public toilet—laughing. I'm getting sidetracked.

My point is there's nothing to look at.


Not at Casa Brighouse.

The view less than a foot from my face wasn't just a glass window which is unlike anything I've stared at in 40 something years of using urinals but it's an elevated view of lakeside dining. Raise your hand if you've ever seen anything like it at a toilet.


We went for a bike ride yesterday along the river and ended up several towns over from our stay where we stumbled across Cromwell Lake at Casa Brighouse unexpectedly. It was there as were we, water and lunch sounded appealing so inside we went. Menus - order lunch - dude brought us water and two glasses - I went to wash my hands. I pushed open the door to the mens room and was like 'nice!'

I'm pissing in that!


Check it out. I can see Pura over there playing with her phone while I'm, well.. Playing with my phone. Even the sinks are fancy.




And unlike finding an appropriate community to post illegal substances found in the street, there's a community created for toilets—The LooLoo.

Lunch was surprisingly great TooToo. I don't typically have much to say about veggie patty's when they don't have fish on the menu and that's the only meat I'll eat because I'm a weirdo with spoiled rotten eating habits but it was delicious—not a typical veggie patty.

Fried mashed potato stuffed with broccoli, corn, onion and carrots between an aioli spread on toasted brioche with a side of fresh greens and fries. We shared a caprese salad also, and a Diet Coke.


Million dollar view, £20 meal and a content inspiring toilet. We only have a couple weeks left in England but should we get over there again, I'm definitely pissing at Casa Brighouse.



That's hilarious. I've never seen anything like that either. You're right, theres maybe some sort of advertisement or menu on the wall but never a view. Pretty cool actually.

Safe to say you've seen less than 10 in all your years, right?

Whaddup Leaky? Hey thanks for keeping an eye on me man, probably been awhile since I said that.

I went in there to wash my hands, didn't even have to piss really at the time but when I saw those urinals I was "oh it's on!"

Lmao 😂 Yeah I'd probably think the same. It's like when you see a urinal filled with ice cubes, you're like "this is going to be like a video game. how many ice cubes can you melt in one piss!?!"


Anyone tuned in who's never played the ice cube melting game, it's a single player game!!


All rest rooms should have something to look at while your standing there with your pecker out. That would make for a pecker pleasing piss.

I never understood why someone would come and piss right next to you when 15 other urinals stood there without anyone in front of them, it always made me wonder if they were really interested in pissing or they had other intentions.

I clicked on the LooLoo link thinking I would see something funny, but instead I found a real community that is all about urinals. that had to make it easy to figure out what community to post in.

You mention that you only have a few weeks left in England, are you headed back to the states?

Whaddup?? Sweed sightings never get old. This the first time you've seen a window like that? My first.

Me. Either.

Depending on availability, I usually go for a stall. It can get kinda uncomfortable especially at a sports event or airport or something with a large gathering. I can wait...

Yeah, LooLoo! CoolCool RightRight? Next time you document a bathroom remodel, there's a commode err community for you.

Yeah my man, it's inevitable. Can you sense my disappointment? Expatting just isn't what it was last time. Mainly my denied visa but in addition to the war resulting in an energy crisis doubling and tripling rent prices, the refuge situation, all things considered, our days are numbered. We got a couple more stops in mind, I'll keep you posted, but Pura's been shopping between NC and TN like every day. Wherever it is, safe to say we'll be there by January.

Life is a trip.

Talking about remolding a bathroom, I just made a major upgrade to ours.
When I told my son about my upgrade he laughed, asking me if I lived in the dark ages.
Even in my own bathroom, I hate touching the toilet seat even though Robin keeps the bathroom spic and span and our asses are the only ones sitting on it 99% of the time. When I put the seat down I do it with one finger and it slams down every time. If the wife is in ear shot of the seat crashing down on the toilet I catch a little grief.


While on vacation this past winter, our toilet seat closed like I've never seen one close before. Touch it with one finger, heading it in the right direction, down, and the dam thing closed slowly, very slowly. As it made contact with the toilet, not a sound was to be heard.

Needless to say, I wasn't home for more than a week and presto. we had one of those magic toilet seats.

Ya I know, I get all excited over the little things, it's like a whole new farm.

Thanks for the update on your travels. Good luck looking for a place back here in the states. It sounds like Pura is on a mission.

Life is a trip that has taken you to many destinations.

Yes! We have one of those now, they're a must have. I'm a lift and close the seat kinda guy too. They have one of those dampening jacks similar to soft close cupboards and drawers.

You probably know what it's like then when you've found yourself in many bathrooms since that don't have dampened shutting seats like you're used to now and everyone knows when you're d..


That’s definitely a cool place to take a piss! Hopefully the glass is one way glass otherwise it would be a little weird to be sitting on the patio with that knowledge that anyone you see at that window has a dick in their hand. Would be an interesting place to work, knowing that.

One of the other cool places I’ve been to was in Italy. The toilet had a bronze plated seat with a crazy wooden engraved lid. Then when I was in Ohio it was I think, there was a place that had a toilet in the middle of the joint and when you went into it, it was one way glass. You’re shitting and you can see everything happening out there but hopefully the people can’t see you cutting off an Ewok’s finger into the porcelain throne (LOL laughed a bit harder at that, got that referencE from Boomy the other day the bastard)


I imagine looking at the pissers in the windows...



200w (1).gif

Then there would be @dandays


Lol the dumb and dumber scene reminds me of the days I was lactose intolerant. Really cleared ya out!


No really... I am lactose too.


Dude in the tie looks like he's having so much fun I wanna know what he's drinking.

Ewok finger, yeah I caught that one too. Helluva reference!

Many parts of Europe, Greece for example, has public toilets at floor level, seen any of those? There's no seat or elevation or anything, just a bowl in the ground. Plumbing and everything's the same but yeah, seeing those is a trip. Dude I wish so bad I coulda shit when I saw those things!! Back in the day we didn't have poop schedules, remember that? Now it's a morning thing only, anything else is cause for concern and how tf did I veer off to poop schedules?? 🤷🏼

That Ohio one has stage fright written all over it!

Yeah the window's mirrored. It's a hotel also so all the windows are mirrored the same. No way to know unless they know what they're looking for.

Nice to see you sir.

I am just glad @cmplxty did not say I had his Ass... that woulda' been shitty.

One time when I was real good and never did anything wrong and only walked and talked accordingly in Las Vegas and blended in society I saw a house for sale. On top of the for sale sign was another sign; white and red, Pool, it said.


I went to a nearby Target and got a red paint pen and went back to that house with the for sale sign with a sign that said Pool on it and made the l a capital P.


It was like that for like a week!

To be Young and Crazy...

Oh Shit... That was last month right..?

Sorry man missed this one! Thankfully @krazzytrukker has my back!

I remember I had to shit in the place in Ohio, it was on schedule I think maybe, not like it is now when you get older but ya it was tough to do the deed where I can see people. Definitely one of the weirdest places I've dropped one!

I was always looking for those hole in the floor deals in Italy. I heard there were some in Rome but I never found one. Shame! I would’ve tried to shit in one lol

I don't remember seeing any in Rome. Anywhere in Italy actually. But they're everywhere in Greece. Pura couldn't do it, she's like no way I'm squatting on the floor and then there's me, so disappointed each time I saw one I couldn't poop! Dude I wanted to poop in one so bad.

This urinal article initiated a lotta poop talk.

Nice. I always feel awkward standing at a urinal, Shoulder to shoulder with the next guy and my tackle in my hand. I much prefer the privacy of the cubical but I would be willing to give that a go.

You and me both. I'll often wait for a stall to open up if there's several fellas in there. At an airport for example, they always tend to be busy, I'll wait for a stall.

But it was just me and the urinal and the window in this one. I took my time! = }

Nice to see you Ammonite. You didn't answer me on that sand castle crumble you posted, were you one of those two people in the lift as sand was falling?

Sorry, got pulled away from my compture before I could answer all my comments. Yes I was one of the lucky souls in the lift. You can read all about it in my next post that I am writing at the moment.
I was hoping I could stop these videos appearing as a post and just embed them in the post I am doing but alas there does not seem to be an option in 3speak.

3speak can be challenging huh?

You're insane! I would've zoomed that lift to safety so fast! Man, I saw you guys watching that sand crumble like "go! Hurry!" Glad you guys didn't get buried, that could've been serious. Serious-serious.

Hi Dan, Here is the full story. It was a crazy project and luckily nobody got hurt.

Say No To Drugs on something designed to be pissed on

That is pretty funny! Typical double message from those who want to save us from ourselves, when really we need saving from them.

How pleased I am to know where you'll be pissing. And that there is a community for toilets.

:rubbing my eyes: Two Owasco sightings in the same week? Someone pinch me! = }

Good morning. Wtf kinda message is that right? In the basin of urinals they usually have a perforated rubber splash guard thing lining the bottom. Weird right, "Say No To Drugs" are the only words on the thing and here we are pissing on it! Hard not to laugh.

LooLoo, yeah whowho knewknew?

I'll try to keep this short. I don't know what you're going through but trust me when I say I have a vague idea. God bless you. Thanks for keeping an eye on me with everything you have on your plate. It's my pleasure to entertain you. 💖

Thank you friend. Your humor and observations float my rocking boat for sure. You were missing for a bit there, weren't you? Either that, or my feed went wonky.

I'm still not all here. :wink:

Not a wonky feed at all. I've been a lot more miss recently than hit. No comparison to anything you're dealing with but my plate has been increasingly overwhelming. It's these times I tend to distance myself cuz I don't have much good to say. Out of respect to the platform and anyone else, it's in my best interest to step back. But I'll be back.

Your humor and observations float my rocking boat for sure.

That virtual pressure on your cheek was me. 😘

they don't have fish on the menu and that's the only meat I'll eat because I'm a weirdo with spoiled rotten eating habits but it was delicious—not a typical veggie patty.

How is not eating red meat being spoiled rotten?

Has PETA kidnapped you? I bet they are moving you to a new location in some weeks to scope out toilets and veggie burgers...

Good morning! I just saw you posted a new compost piece, I'll stop by there this morning. PETA, funny, I use the acronym Pita regularly. Made it up myself if you'd like to use it when someone's being a Pain In The Ass.

You know Pura's a chef, right? Yeah, that too! And she is just as serious about food as she is art. We actually published a cookbook together; my edits and design, her recipes and verbiage. I'm The Luckiest Guy I Know. I'm so spoiled when it comes to eating. In combination with her being a chef and my only child demeanor, Goldilocks got nothin on me.

Never before have I seen such as magnificent view when placed in front of a urinal! They should all have such views!

Whaddup Boom!

I didn't even go in there to get ahold of myself, was just gonna wash my hands. Saw that window like.. "whhhaat!!" I'm blogging about this. And it's mirrored on the outside so the people below don't know you're checking them out while doing your thing. There's also the faint music you can hear from the bar of popular songs covered into house music. Does it get any better?!

Hmmm chilled coke always goes well with any food you just drink my favorite mineral, nice toilet never seen that one before 😉

I got this weird insatiable tongue for Coke Zero as poisonous as the stuff is. When there's a Diet on the table it means they didn't have Zero.

For sure. Cracker n humus, sandwich on white bread especially a peanut butter & jelly just ain't the same without a Zero.

Hello, you! Welcome to your fifth week on the blockchain, Hive Learner. I'm glad you're not dead. = }

Haha well what doesn't kill ya makes you stronger 💪

That urinal looks so unique, it's my first time seeing that kind of design. But the view is spectacular, I'd piss on that too if ever I go there hahaha. Though where's the space between them

They are a little close aren't they? Might be a two person max. = } Those shapes are unique actually, can't say I've seen many square urinals like that. But really, they probably could've done without the middle one, I don't imagine more than two dudes would puss at the same time.

I don't think we've met. Pleasure to be met. Was gonna welcome you to the blockchain but you got many years here. Hey, did I read this correctly, you're a physician in Dubai?


Yup, I wouldn't be too comfortable if someone else would piss beside me hahahaha, I'd probably wait for my turn or for them to leave. Yep, my first time seeing square urinals,

I just actually saw your post reblogged, so I decided to visit it and I really found it interesting. It's nice to meet you too! Hahaha, I'm not as active as before because life here in Dubai seems so busy but I'm trying my best to engage with some people hehe. I'm actually a physiotherapist, not a physician.

Have a !PIZZA

I would love to see Dubai. All I ever hear about it is how nice it is and how fancy everything is. It's also widely known how expensive it is to visit. Even flights to and from are substantially more than most.

Well I'm glad you saw it. Big THANKS to the person who reblogged it. Thanks for sticking around. If I disappoint just let me know and I'll kick my ass for you. = }

Hopefully, you'll be able to visit this place one day. A lot of fancy things, but it's a different story if you're an ex-pat working here. I didn't know about the flights. Though a lot of the people with who I interact love staying here because it's in the middle and they can just travel anywhere.

I'm also glad that I was able to meet you here after how many years of being in this blockchain. You're welcome. Don't worry ill let you know HAHAHAHA


We know why they are so close...

Proof !!

It's only weird if dude holds it while you smoke when no one's pissing.

Ehhhh... Weird on all the levels.

Just weird...

And I carry wet wipes. No Funky Munkey Butt for this Trucker.!!



They were very close together.


What in the gents room is he drinking?!

Piss warm beer it appears.??


Maybe a Java Slayer cocktail..?


What's with the two pairs of socks and why don't they match?

I stared at those socks till the back of my necck felt wet. Zoomed in...

Now i gotta pee.

I do not see the difference in the socks bro..? 🤔🤔🤔

Why yes... Yes. i am fucking with you.


On 2nd 3rd thought...

RUM... Mee thinks it bee a pint oh da Rum yee skally wag.!!


I am pissed that your pissin' and lovin' it.


I deal with some of the worst shitholes in modern history. "Truckstops"



Sorry... I was distracted and am now running a gasoline pressure washer and a garden hose to my throne.


Help, I'm online and don't know what day it is. We just got back from Amsterdam, I know that much, and one more thing: Each time I've gassed up or whatever at a truck stop I've thought something along the lines of glad I've never had to shower at one of these.

I was just watching a comedian a week or so ago, can't remember his name now, Palestinian dude, real funny. He said he can't get used to not washing his ass after he poops. Calls us weird cuz we use paper instead of water and a towel, says we're barbaric. Anywho, he goes into detail explaining how he got one of those bidet things for his toilet and liked it so much they have one on each toilet in their house now. Said a friend of his came over, an American, went to poop and called his bidet things weird... comedians like, "you clean shit off yourself with paper and think water and a towel is weird??"


Bruh, You pissing in that pot really so lucky.

Talking about Public toilets, ever heard about Asian Countries? Huh, you can't even imagine how far people go here

Like they literally write poetry on walls and will Roast someone.

I was once in a public toilet and then I saw on wall "If you had focused on your study or career, you were sitting in a better place" I was like TF.

And also Phone numbers on Wall, I don't know who's, I just never tried 🤣

People are so crazy in public toilets!

Whaddup?! I appreciate you keeping up with me. Thank you.

Phone numbers were a good one. Occasionally you'll still find a number on the wall with some sort of caption like for a good time call.... Love that focus on your career one, that's funny.

Hey so when I was a young kid, early 20's, and I had just begun my apprenticeship, the foreman was a real asshole. I had a lot of foremen, some were cool some not so much, he was just an asshole. I wrote above the urinal in the outhouse on the job site, "don't look now but you're holding Frank by the neck."

All Good just quite bored coz of rainfall, wby?

Yea it's quite common in here, is there as well? Oh didn't expected. Glad you liked it bruh!

some were cool some not so much

Can relate with it, encountered many Assholes.

I wrote above the urinal in the outhouse on the job site

Hahaha damn bro!!! Not coming slow.

Frank the asshole foreman, right? Or the one my mind is directing to.😂

Frank was so pissed! He came right to me, too, I know you wrote it!! And I said something to the affect, stop being a dick.

Or the one my mind is directing to.😂

That one.

He never did lighten up on that job, I was happy when it was over. Know what though? I crossed paths with him again many years later and he wasn't such a dick anymore.

Oh Poor frank.

And I said something to the affect, stop being a dick.

Lmao! 😂

I crossed paths with him again many years later and he wasn't such a dick anymore.

See, People do changes with the time getting pissed off and realizing lately. Well Glad to hear he ain't same anymore.

Hope you're having a Good Friday bud.!

I gotta say that is the finest pisser I have ever seen. Not the most fun one, but definitely the finest.

You and me both, finest seen. As we had lunch, a boat was pulling a skier on the lake and you know I went and watched from the toilet!

It would be criminal, not to mention rude, not to piss there. And I haven't seen (m)any urinals, but are those shapes quite unusual? I have this vision of them closing up afterwards!

You guys leaving already? ☹️

I have this vision of them closing up afterwards!

That's funny.

They are an odd shape actually. I don't know if they were going for a futuristic look or maybe trying to match the grout lines but I can't say I've seen many that are square. They're typically an oblong oval shape.

Yeah, lame right?? They won't let me stay here. My application for Indefinite Leave to Remain was denied and my visitor Visa expires October 1 so we have to leave. Didn't see that coming, she's a National, figured I was a shoe in. Fuckin Russia!

Thank you.

Oh that sucks. Can't Pura apply for residency by virtue of her father and you become her dependent? Or can you leave UK firva little while and come back again for another six months?

She's a resident—passport holder, NI number, all that stuff, our council tax is up to date etcetera. And even though she is, I still got denied. Disappointing huh?

Solicitor here suggested against border hopping. When we returned from Hungary recently, I was stopped and asked my purpose which hadn't happened before. They asked if I lived here permanently or was planning to. I had to say just visiting on the advice to solicitor gave me. That's when what he said clicked.

If I attempted the 6 months in route, then hop outside UK for a month before returning, they could refuse my access indefinitely. Wish I was making that up. I'd be lying if I said we prepared for this.

You were still denied a spouse visa? Did they tell you why? Sorry, that's a rhetorical question, don't answer it, it's personal.

UK has always been pretty strict on immigration because so many people want to come in for the wrong reasons, it's unfortunate you're caught up in this.

Hopefully we'll see you in a year's time. Btw, you going to Hivefest by any chance?

It's complicated.

Until I began this whole process, I think ignorance is bliss best describes my approach. Had I applied in say, January, I don't think we'd be talking about it. I was told in a roundabout word-salad way by immigration that my timing is all wrong. I'm ok with it, really, if by not processing my application grants someone desperately seeking refuge their asylum then so be it. I can accept that.

Negative. Shortly after I met you is when we received word from immigration. It forced us to reconsider all unplanned overhead. Guess that's what we get for making plans.

A concert or special event might have a flyer taped to the wall promoting next weeks performers. Both are rare sightings.

Well, actually I've seen weirder things taped to the wall of a bathroom where the urinals are.


My point is there's nothing to look at.

Yeah right! You better pay more attention to the cleaning guy!

Hey whaddup? Long time no see. Love what you did with that boring ass tile and square grout lines.

In the gym there's a note above the toilet but it's a normal toilet, not a urinal that says the whole shpeal about please wipe the seat and please don't flush feminine products.

But a window?! Overlooking a lake! Dude I'll piss in that for sure.

Hey whaddup? Long time no see.

At the moment prolly fine mate. Since seems that at least I have electricity & internet so far. :D

But a window?! Overlooking a lake! Dude I'll piss in that for sure.

Well, then consider yourself lucky. Since in addition to the window with the beautiful view to the lake when you were peeing, you also had a mirror at your disposal when you went to wash your hands before leaving the bathroom.

Love what you did with that boring ass tile and square grout lines.

Oh hell yes! Now I wanna wash my hands there. That's way more clever than the typical for a good time call.... pencil message.

Oh hell yes! Now I wanna wash my hands there.

Of course! Exactly! ¿Why try be redundant with things we already know too well? :D

That’s pretty cool @dandays what a view… in a toilet. Never heard about that.
I have read about places with paintings / pictures on the walls of women looking with magnifying glasses in a mens toilet… all being arty on the walls. Hahaha also cool.

A magnifying glass? That's funny. The most I've seen is an ad and I've probably seen one less than 10 times. We usually stare at nothing. Speakers aren't too uncommon anymore, there's music every once in awhile but a view of a lake was a first.

Thanks for checking this one out LittleBee.

You're all packed up, what now? Do you guys have a truck or do you have to rent one?

If you search in Google you will find the images I mean.

Always happy to check out your posts 😉😎
Once packed up we have a truck and drivers coming. So we don’t have to move it ourself.
We used to do that ourselves. But my health isn’t great lately, so we let others move it this time.
And they can put it all in a bedroom so we can forget about it for a little while. 😉
It is just to much at the moment.


I've moved so many times between my 20's and now and it wasn't until about 2014 I considered calling one of those toll free moving companies to do the moving for me. It's so affordable too! Packing and planning and switching and everything else is stressful enough. Can't believe I waited so long.

Ever since then, I pay someone else to move me. Shoulda known you already knew. = }

Fun fact: Autocorrect had 'lay someone' instead of 'pay someone.

That’s a long time @dandays luckily you figured it out. Somethings are worth spending some money on.
When you see them carry certain items, I can’t even lift you think 🤔 hahaha we struggle and for them it is a normal workday.
I did find great movers here. Also we had some horrible ones.
But let’s stick with the good ones for now. 😎🤓

Hahaha yep, autocorrect is funny… I need to check all the time, like I said before I corrupted my autocorrect by writing in 4 languages in it, instead of switching the keyboards between them. Hehehe 🤭
Have a great day! It’s Friday 🎉🎉💃🏻💃🏻☕️☕️

Dang, Friday already?! We're leaving in two days and I haven't even checked Netherlands weather yet. But I know Hallo and Badunkt already and if I misspLeLled either of those, I know you understand.

Hey have you been to Portugal? Did I already ask you that? Have we already talked about it? I repeat myself often - I repeat myself often. We're gonna spend a week there after UK and then go to Spain from Portugal. Been tossing around the idea of renting a car and driving it from Faro to Valencia. The idea is exciting, just not sure if it's worth it.

Yep, already Friday hehehe 🤭 time flies when having fun 🤩
Just like the UK there won’t be much differences, weather wise.
I understand… that’s good you know those two.
Another word for “bedankt” is “dank je wel” maybe easier. 😉🤓

Nope we have not been to Portugal. Lots of people say it is much better than Spain in many ways. Just the language is ugly. Even some Portugese friends tell me that. Hahaha it sounds weird. And is difficult to learn. I don’t know for sure.
We had a 2 week holiday booked to Portugal just when Spain was releasing the lockdowns, but Portugal had not yet and their rules were different. So we cancelled the trip. We would have gone by car.

Maybe ask @akida… who lives in Portugal if you want to know things.

It sounds like an epic trip to go with a rental all the way to Valencia. Why not. You see much more. What other way would you do, plane or train?
Trains are great especially the long distance ones. Been on them.
Enjoy your day @dandays 👋🏻

"...Playing with my phone." LOL. I'm happy for y'all that get to experience this. Us ladies, it's simply the door, plain, simple, boring. Like the wall. Will never be a view for us.

Hey, you! I've seen the other side of those stall doors many'0 times. = }

Welcome to Hive. Good job putting in work to engage around the platform. Engagement is real important here like patience, consistency, and digging in your butthole. :wink:

😄 I see what you did there. I see what you did everywhere, I always see what you do 😆. Thanks for the encouragement!
Oh and at least, there's a chance to get a break, it's a never thing for us. Sad. Haha

I didn't realize until now that says butthole wink. Interesting. Some things can't be unseen.

😄 indeed man, indeed.

 5 months ago (edited) 

You discovered a hidden gem there @dandays!
Whoever designed that loo was brilliant, it could become quite a tourist attraction!
I can already envisage some catchphrase signs about looloo activities on offer, a fitting goodbye would be...

We hope you enjoyed your experience with us and look forward to your next tinkle in our wee loo-with-a-view.
If you sat on the throne and missed out, pay us a visit next time for a smashing splashing experience!

Who would ever think one could write a blog about a loo, but there are many many funny stories to tell about loos.
Us ladies have to hide behind doors! Having a touch of claustrophobia, I must confess to my fear of being stuck in a public loo...I first look up to see if there's an escape route in case the lock malfunctions; not sure how an old gal is going to climb over that wall but.. at least it's a possibility! If there's none & the lock looks dodgy, I turn it to display engage & use my bag as a doorstop. It's quite a palaver I tell you!

a content inspiring toilet...

How can a loo's content be inspiring Mr. D 🙈

Ok, I get it now, I misread that!

I'm so sorry though that you are forced to get on the road again, I was hoping some miracle would happen so you could stay longer.
You & Pura take care of yourselves now 🤗💞

You're just so got dang sweet!

Hello young lady. In all the loos I've been and all the urinals I've used, that's the only window I've ever seen.

Those catchphrases are genius! I'm not exaggerating or anything. "Splashing experience!" L O L

As I'm sure you can imagine, I've seen the other side of those stall doors plenty'0 times. You really do have a phobia don't you? Finding an escape route is something I inherently do everywhere I go and I don't think I've ever searched one out from the loo. I'm probably ruined now. I'll be looking for Lizelles escape route at the toilets.

Yeah, disappointing. But things like this are beyond our control. We have to believe it's meant to be and everything will work out the way it's supposed to. It always does. = } Life.... What a trip!

Thank you.

We only have a couple weeks left in England but should we get over there again, I'm definitely pissing at Casa Brighouse.

🤣🤣 quite the pissing view in fairness!

I can officially cross pissing in the best urinal off the list. Next—consume a Mars Bar on planet Mars.

All good 🤣👍

My pleasure.

what a nice view to piss....🔥... but why is the luckiest guy in the world ignoring me...?... did the newbie (@lukasbachofner) something wrong...? 🙄

It's nothing personal. I'm an Ecency user so whenever I see repeat sponsored content in my feed that I can't make go away, I check the wallet and, if they self-promoted more than one day, I mute the author. It's the only way. If a neutral party did the promotion, I won't mute it, that's how sponsorships are supposed to work. We don't see race cars, for example, go around the track and around and around and around like repeat content in our feeds over and over and over with the authors name painted all over the car. Actual sponsors names are painted on the car.

I wrote in detail about it here if you're interested.

Those points are yours, you either earned or purchased them, either way you're free to do as you wish with them. You didn't do anything wrong, what you did was promote your content for several days and mute is the only way I can make it go away.

I've been giving so many of these lengthy explanations lately. Muting authors sucks, I don't like doing it but I'm not a fan of downvoting unless the content is plagiarized so, yeah, mute it is. You asked, here's my explanation, hope this clears it up. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Thank you for your detailed explanation. I was a little irritated at first, from my point of view at the time, to be ignored. But now that I have read your comment and the article on the included link, I understand better how you deal with self-promoted content. I understand if you don't want to see the same posts over several days.

Reading your article also made me understand how to deal with boosts/self-promoting. I tried to use boosts/promoting to give my content, which received fewer votes than others, another chance to reach a wider audience. For this purpose, I post my pictures and impressions of the world on social media so that they do not gather dust as empty data on a memory card. Also, I noticed that I have voted some post myself, though I can assure you that it was accidental. Now I wasn't aware that you can also boost/promote other people's content that you like, and will think about this further.

But now I have more questions, such as can I undo self votes? Or, if you mute a post, do you only mute the content in question, or all the content of the user in question?

You see, I am capable and willing to learn. And I hope that I can win you back as a follower in the near future. I wish you a good rest of the weekend. And I too like silent Bluetooth speakers and coffee, but without cream and candies (I like the good brown ones just so), because with my coffee consumption my teeth love me, but my dentist hates me for it...🔥

Weathered wood is the best! Wait, hey! Candles, I'm talking about candles. 👊🏼

Whaddup man?

You can't 'undo' a self vote, per se. What you can do is remove it by downvoting at the same strength you upvoted. Does that make sense? Your upvote will still be there but by downvoting the same strength you're removing your upvote value. I hope that makes sense.

More eyes on your content—I totally get it. I scrolled through your history and, for what it's worth, you're receiving a lot of attention and you're fairly fresh on the platform. I, personally, didn't gain curator attention my whole first year just to put it in perspective. Took these mufukers a long time to embrace me. It wasn't until about 15 months I finally caught my first trail. You're doing great, you have a lot of attention. And pretty consistent too.

Not everyone agrees with me as far as that promote feature goes. Only thing better than hiding it would be Ecency removed it completely. Just erase it from the code. PeakD doesn't do it, either. You don't see it in YouTube either. Imagine every time you sign into YouTube it's the exact same author on the front page. Eventually you'd do anything to avoid that author. Hence YouTube doesn't allow it.

Thanks for hearing me out. No hard feelings. Promotions longer than one day are excessive if you ask me. Don't be a stranger.

Thank you for your honest and detailed answers. I think I can still learn a lot from you. I didn't realise that I had attracted so much attention from curators so quickly. Or that promotions of more than one day can seem intrusive. And since I have a lot of time to think about my use of the Hive Blockchain, new questions are arising. For example, about participating in and dealing with curation trails via Hive.Vote. Is that a good thing? To experiment, I'm currently participating in about 30 trails with a vote weight of 30% and the scaled method (also wanted to get some info on the Discord channel in question, but the answers weren't exactly enlightening). Or are delegations from HP (e.g. to @appreciator) a good thing? Or what do I do with my Ecency points now? Because I don't just want to take, I also want to give.

Hi, nice to meet you. Ecency Points can be used
for BOOST - ( I know @dandays is not a fan of self boost but) also boosting for you own content is okay. But on the other hand you also can see the BOOST as if you where a Whale and can give nice upvotes to people you think deserve a little more.
Boostings are not guaranteed, there are curators looking if the vote/worth and content/effort is okay. If you dont get the boost, your ecency points will be refunded within 24h.
PROMOTING - I personally am not a big fan of promoting "Normal" content. I would just use it for contests or something that could be interesting to the majority of hivers. But it's totaly up to you.
Promoting can be choosen for 1 - 14 days, but as Dandays said, longer then 2 days make no sense, even can lead to downvotes if people see it too often.
TIP - if youre online with ecency and look at the end of each post, you also find the little present symbol. click it and you can choose to send HIVE HBD or ECENCY POINTS to the blogger as a present.

for ecency questions you also find us in ecency discord

As I see you also post in German, you could think to use the #deutsch tag. This is the tag most german speaking hivians from DACH look into.
Greetings from Austria :-)

My pleasure.

I have my account following a couple trails. Yes, I think they're a good thing. We as individuals don't have time to sift through all the content whereas curation trails have handfuls of curators constantly searching for quality content. Supporting them who then support undervalued content is a good thing. My only recommendation would be, be wary of trails who use their HP to downvote content based on difference of opinion. I don't support trails who abuse their delegated HP to downvote material out of spite rather than abuse. Downvoting plagiarism or racism, for example, totally acceptable. Downvoting political differences or science opinions, however, totally unacceptable.

Gaining HP by delegating is absolutely a good thing. It's safe to say the majority of large account holders are delegating to someone. Each curation account has their perks. Ecency, for example, pays 100% of their earned HP to delegators whereas others may only pay 80% which isn't bad but it's not 100. LEO finance is another one, they're paying 16% APR which I think is the best on the platform currently. To answer your question, yes, delegating is a good thing.

Ecency Points are yours to do with as you wish, there's so many ways to spread them around. Boosts and promotes are not a one way street and work everywhere, not just ourselves. Try it out, each time you receive quality comments or consume quality content, drop them a 150 boost. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the results. If everyone only promoted content they find valuable rather than their own content, I think our feeds will have a lot more quality and a lot less narcissism.

Any time man, I don't know everything but I'll teach you everything I know. I haven't been around much lately, haven't posted fresh content for about a month now, I come and go but even if I vanish for periods of time, I'll be back and pick up where I left off.

Good morning (as I write this it is just 11:30am on my 40th birthday). Thank you for your votes in my last post. I'm just having some thoughts about downvotes. Because I got some in the last post. Most of them from accounts with an X at the beginning.
(xecency, xcurangel, xappericator). What are we talking about here? Are they bots? How should I weight them? I also got downvotes from two other accounts. Wouldn't it be useful to have an automatic, obligatory comment function when downvotes are made, so that the recipient knows why?
I have also asked the questions in the Discord Channel recommended to me, but would also like to have your personal opinion on this, as I enjoyed our last dialogue extremely.

Yay! 🤗
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Some View! Question! I take it those windows you can't look in, or if you are a decent looking woman you would be having dinner seeing 4 men in a row staring at you!! 😆 😆
Ps they put goals in the urinals here and little tiny footballs so you aim at the football to score a goal to encourage one to aim straight. It's a great. idea.

Man that sounds fun. I feel bad for the guy next to him when his kick's wide left!

Whaddup Blanchy? I don't think we've met yet.

I wondered the same thing. When I went back to the table and pointed it out, it's mirrored so, no, can't see in. Only out.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Ah I see. So it's probably the most scenic urinal in the world right now. You should do a contest. 😀😀. Sure we have met now. You shall be know as urinal Dan from this day forward. 😀😀

Sweet! Cheers, little balls Blanchy urinal. = }



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Best file cabinet ever.

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Thank you, me! And you, thank you, you.

You need to own more token


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Nice post and read it because I was intriged on the fact that you "ignored" me on Hive - how one "ignores" someone here? - and why you'd do that?

Nice comment. I'm responding because you asked.

How. Click those three little dots next to the follow/unfollow on a user profile page, there it says block/mute. Click that.

Why. Because you promote your own content for days on end forcing the community to see it over and over like a broken record whether we want to or not. Each time I sign in I'm stuck looking at the same distracting content again, potentially shoving worthy content further from my view so I blocked you.

Something I might not have understood correctly in this case... my appologies. So if I pay money/ecency points to promote my content I'm doing something wrong? I should promote someone elses content (is that even possible?) ? Aparentely there are some people that liked to read it, but no-one promoted it so far...?...
How do I make my content MORE visible to people if not by promoting? Because I believe that more visibility is necessary to grow my account, which is something we're all after. Or do I mistake here as well?

Read my response again. Nowhere did I say you're doing something wrong. You asked why I muted you so I explained, don't take it personally. Those points are yours to do with as you wish, you either earned them or purchased them, it's not my business to tell you how to redeem them.

Several months ago I asked Ecency development to include a feature that allows users to 'hide' sponsored content. The idea's being tossed around now. Something along the lines where User A spends points to hide content User B deemed worthy to run on repeat consequently pushing quality content further and further from consumer view.

I think a maximum 1-day sponsorship is appropriate, anything more than that is misuse in my opinion. And anyone who promotes their own or anyone else's content beyond the seven day pay period needs more help than I can offer.

I put this together last year regarding promote and boost functions—much more thorough explanation. You should check it out.

If all promoted content that played on repeat in user Ecency feeds whether they appreciate it or not was of this caliber, 10's of thousands of users would flock to the blockchain on a weekly basis similar to the other social media platforms because with every flick of a scroll finger, the content is high quality. And that's what we all want—to protect our investment. Unfortunately my feed is loaded with users who promote garbage.

How do I make my content MORE visible to people if not by promoting?

There's multiple ways. First and foremost, be patient and consistent. Enter contests; curators and consumers specifically look for contest entries for exciting material. Engage is another. When you enter a contest, engage with other entries, this will build relationships and further develop contacts. Visit trending, look at those authors leading the platform in views and rewards right now and notice none are promoted.

This response is ridiculously lengthy.

Because I believe that more visibility is necessary to grow my account, which is something we're all after. Or do I mistake here as well?

No. Again, I didn't say you're doing something wrong but if you're under the impression screaming at a room full of strangers with a megaphone is attractive, you may want to reconsider your approach.

Your response is lengthy, but not "rediculously lengthy". Thank you very muhc for taking the time to defend your point of view, and especially, to explain it. I'm glad I've been asking for it, and will follow big part of your advise.

There's one thing that some of the people spending many hours per day on Hive don't seem to understand though... Not everybody has got that time. I'm spending for example more time than I actually have on it and this already for several months, just because I want to be consistent. Still I don't have the time to answer on everything, read everything I'd like to read (not to mention to comment it) and write blogs and articles which I'd like to write. This means that I'm not able to participate in many of these contests, only already time wise.

Anyway I want to participate here and get rewarded somehow for it. Maybe that's why in the end I'm choosing for the 7-day promotion for the few "decent" articles I'm writing. I get your point though and might consider in the future to go for less days. And call it the easy way, when I post in Actifit, but I need to start somewhere...

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Thanks @hivebuzz, best file cabinet ever. I got my birthday suit tailored for the occasion.

Hey, you're welcome @dandays that's a real pleasure to count you as a member all these years! Thanks for being here for so long. We hope you enjoy Hive! Have a nice day 😊👍

boring loser

Thanks. I appreciate name-calling first thing in the a.m selfish cunt.

I've explained regularly lately but rather than repeat myself repeat myself to a tough guy behind a keyboard read this and get ahold of yourself.

It's a free world, grow up. Pro:20-15

How convenient. First you're a religious philosopher and now you don't know what a Bible verse is. Typical contradiction.

Thanks again selfish cunt. One thing the world isn't short on is life coaches who know more about everything than me. You should host a YouTube channel and make a fortune with all your wisdom.

Practice what you preach. Hypocrite. Next time someone mutes your self indulgent content, try ignoring it and go about your life, you'll have better results. Dropping by their page instead and calling them names isn't gonna get you far. You might run into someone like me who can make you look stupid all day long.