Autumn Biwak - Amanita Muscaria

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Hello lovely Hiveans !


Today I want to to present to you some mushrooms that I found during my last hike. I was on out into the forest with a group of friends during our yearly autumn biwak in the beginning of October. It was raining a little bit the whole time, but luckily not to much, and the wind was only moderate too this time ;) .. But first of all, a picture from our set-up campsite and our kitchen/workbench ^^


Amanita Muscaria

I was actually super happy to find the Amanita Muscaria mushroom everywhere around there as it is one of my favorite mushrooms, for several reasosns ^^ The Amanita Muscaria have a white stemen and lamella and a characteristic bright red cap. The largest ones that I found and show you here have cap sizes up to a diameter of 10 cm. They are also known for their psychoactive effects, which are mainly caused by muscimol that is set free in the body after the mushroom is consumed ^^


The older the mushroom becomes, the more the cap looses its bright and red color, which slowly diminishes into a pale orange color. In addition, at least this is what I noticed, the cap becomes deformed and seems to fold itself and thus bends the lamella to the outer side.


In contrast to this, the younger mushrooms still possess the most bright reddish color from all mushrooms out there. They are also still missing the white dots on the cap that seem to naturally occur while they are maturing.


After showing you my little collection of mushroom pictures I like to end this posts with some concluding pictures of our kitchen, while in full use, and the view that we had from our campsite. This evening it was an especially beautiful one ^^


Thank you all for reading my post about the Amanita Muscaria of the Autumn-Biwak ^^ .. It is quite a while ago since I posted into the Fungi Lovers Community, but I finally were able to collect some great material for them 😁 .. I hope you enjoy the pictures!


All pictures were taken by myself, ©@adalger, with a Huawei P30 Mobile Phone.


If you want to know more about me, just look up my Introduceyourself post or follow my blog ^^

Learn more about @adalger here !

Best wishes,


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Nice! How many of you are there guys?

We were a total of 6 .. a whole six-pack, hehe .. The more people are there the more fun it becomes ^^

Amanita are just such special mushrooms, and so cool to photograph! Looks like you enjoyed yourself!

They look really awesome, hehe .. and in addition they are really easy to spot in the forest ^^ .. It really was a great biwak again .. cant await the winter biwak ;)

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Nice looking mushrooms and a well organized camp site...

Thank you ^^ .. by the way, there is a new Bushraft-Community on Hive too very soon !

enjoyed your story +visuals a lot, Adalger. i've noticed in discord you mentioned about your brief 'off' into the woods but I didnt awaited such a nice report will follow, hehe! and I especially enjoyed itself the word 'biwak' :)
ps. luckily, I spent a whole month in Summer at such a nice spot with a family of Amanitas growing around, and take a lot of great macro shots of all forms from their live cycle. enjoyed your pics a lot - they have a cool Autumn background!

Big Muscaria Fan Here!
Have a Great rest of the Week!

Wow so nice photography & excellent mushroom.I like this all photography. Thank you so much sharing these with us.@adalger