Mushroom show-1 season (13photos)

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The brothel's price list states that observing an observer is the most expensive service. I don’t know, I didn’t check it myself. But I believe in children's jokes.

If you are in the forest and observe mushrooms through the camera's viewfinder, this does not mean that you are the only observer here.

I was able to make a copy of the surveillance camera used by the mycelium. This is a hidden surveillance camera. Such a chamber is installed under each mushroom. Keep in mind, mycelium remembers everything. And if you did not react well to any of the mushrooms ... then you get the idea.

For those who did not understand. In the online mode, the mycelium transmits data on damage to the Main Center for Operational Information. The center is headed by Leshenka. Response measures can be taken immediately, or the information can be sent to the database for cumulative storage. Particularly malicious violators of order in the forest can be left there as punishment. You can wander through the forest for a long time and even stay there forever.

On the other hand, if a person cares about the forest and its inhabitants, then he can count on gifts in the form of mushrooms, berries and other pleasant finds and gifts. The biggest gift will be an increase in his health.



This young mushroom picker with a camera in his hands was tagged as a friend in the general list of visitors. He was neat and thrifty for the forest. For this Leshenka showed him interesting mushrooms and allowed him to take them with him. And also treated with ripe lingonberries and blueberries. If anyone did not recognize the guru of the mushroom lovers community, I give a hint, this is @qwerrie

I will not talk about his gifts. I think that he will soon show them himself. I also have something to show you. This time I went to the forest light. I didn't have a tripod with me. I lost her the day before, it happens. I took two lightweight lenses and a small macro extension tube. In the beginning there was a macro with Helios 44-2. Mr. Helios was great. Here is his work without post-processing.


In some amazing way, he knows how to blur the background. I can't do that with other lenses. The details closest to the subject are whimsically blurred, creating interesting patterns.


If the background is far from the lens, then it is uniformly blurred and colored.



I completely forgot to mention the mushrooms themselves. The last shown is the turkey tail (Trametes versicolor). The mushroom above, I did not recognize. It's just for photography, it has an interesting plate shape.
Even higher is also a tinder fungus, and the very first mushroom (not counting the red fly agaric) is a flywheel (Xerócomus). I love the suede layer on his rounded hat. This hat looks more like a helmet or hard hat.


This is something inedible, but the yellow spot looks good against a green background. Although here, of course, I conjured with the background color to remove unnecessary yellowness.


This relative of the red fly agaric is deadly poisonous, it is even better not to touch it with your hands. But you can take a picture.


This is a blueberry bush. Yes, autumn has come to the forest.



This character, I did not recognize. Possibly he is a relative of the hedgehogs (genus Hydnum). It was too big for the macro version. I had to focus on individual parts.


And at the end of our show, the fly agaric is red. Yes, it was from the camera installed under his leg that the first recordings of video surveillance by a hidden camera were obtained.
But it was already a wide-angle lens OKS 1-21-1.
On this, the first episode of the movie came to an end. There are still many new meetings ahead.



CameraSony A7М2
LensHelios-44-2; ОKS 1-22-1
Post-productionin LR

Manual processing in Lightroom

Unless otherwise specified, text and photos are copyright

From Russia with Love




Great collection ^^ .. but the last picture, taking a macroshot, is really nice too 👌

Glad to see you @adalger and thank you for your kind words!

Cheers and !BEER

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 3 months ago  

А вот и отчет!
Как всегда классные фотки.
А вот только я всё равно не понял - что это было на первых двух фотках?

 3 months ago (edited) 

я же говорю, камера наблюдения, скрытая. Это всё грибница и Лешенька)

Cheers and !BEER

 3 months ago  

А вот с Лёхой не надо шутить. :) Я хоть и не верю в приметы, но... а почему бы не быть в этой жизни лесным людям?

для кого Лёха, для меня Лешенька )))
Не людь, конечно, но сущность вполне реальная и не зависит от уровня нашей веры. Он просто есть, а кто и как его называет, это уж дело называльщиков.
Я вот с ним дружу, но Он любит мои ножи, сколько уже я их отдал... )
Но и пустым из леса никогда не прихожу, даже когда полная сушь была.
Разучились мы общаться с отличными от нас сущностями...а зря))

 3 months ago  

Вот. Но как меня учили - нельзя его звать в лесу, никак нельзя называть.

ну не знаю, я с ним разговариваю, точнее, обращаюсь к нему ))
мысленно, конечно

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 3 months ago  

А кто кого соблазнил на поездку? ;)
Вам там питерским ваще можно тусы устраивать. :)

обоюдненько вышло)) когда-то давно было высказано намерение, а вот ту вроде и срослось.
Оно, конечно, можно, но совпасть бывает непросто. У меня это лето вообще было безумным. Безумие вот только сейчас поутихает, тут вообще не до тус :) а так-то да.

 3 months ago  

Да, состыковаться - это самое сложное.

это да, но в этот раз срослось как-то быстро.

Always a fun read, and your passion about the woods is definitely admirable. For me, the only thing I really know about mushrooms is that the safe ones come from the grocery store and are tasty on pizza.

You showed a very high quality about mushrooms.
I am very interested in the mushrooms you show me.

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